Bazinga. Using card decks in a new way.

I bet your therapy cabinet has at least 20 decks of therapy cards, when you add up articulation plus language cards. Those cards are great for the first 6 months of school. We play memory and go fish while we work on speech and language objectives. Now that we’re in the home stretch of the year – I decided to take it up a notch with a new way to use these cards decks. I got inspired by this post I found on pinterest. So using library pockets and therapy card decks, I came up with Bazinga. I used library pocket cards. First I laminated them and used a knife to open the pocket back up. Then I added magnets to the back of the pockets. When it was time to play I stuffed one or two cards in ¬†each pocket. Then I hid a small picture of silly little cartoon man in 3 pockets. Students took turns pulling out cards and searching for our cartoon. You could use anything to hide, but I wanted to reinforce pronouns. When they found it they yelled Bazinga! ¬† So motivating for my little ones! The beauty of this game is that I used it all day with students by switching out the card decks! Here are some Amazon Affiliate Links for Library Pockets: By the way – if you need a laugh please watch this video for Bazinga inspiration. And if you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory – you are missing out! What do you think? Could you use this activity? Can you make it better? Leave a comment and let me know! Thanks to everyone who chipped in a little something using the Donate button I added. I already bought new clipart with it :) More free downloads coming your way soon! You rock!

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    aahhh yes, sheldon! love how even your pockets are like little balls! :) great game…the thrill of anticipation is always a riot! I like the idea of laminating the pockets, I never would’ve thought of doing that, it being a pocket and all, good to know that you can just slit them open

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    That is a good idea Janie! I was thinking about putting numbers on them so I could do things like “put two cards in number 3 and one card in number 7″ but I haven’t tried it yet!

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    Fun game Jenna. I have used library pocket cards for practicing carrier phrases with my kids with CAS. I turn the cards horizontally, write the carrier phrase on the outside of the pocket and place the cards inside. The kids slide the cards out to practice the whole phrase. For example, on one pocket it may say “I see” and then they pull out the CV cards to complete the phrase (I see bee, I see bow, I see bay, etc).

    Deb (Speech Gadget)

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    Great idea! My family LOVES Big Bang Theory and our new favorite word to yell out is “Bazinga”! I will totally be trying this game!

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    I love this idea! I can’t wait for school to start so I can use it!
    I have a student that is dyslexic and has a lot of difficulty identifying b/d, u/n, m/n. I am thinking about hiding the d’s in the pockets and she keeps the d’s but the b’s are for Bazinga!! :)


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    Anonymous says

    I use pocket charts all the time, love them!!! If you have the time and inclination try making different charts for holidays and events.. Green for St. Patrick’s Day, Red for Valentine’s Day and red, white and blue pockets for Memorial Day and Fourth of July/ President’s Day etc. They become as cute and appealing as we are lol

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