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Happy Friday! Just wanted to share a quick picture of my therapy room this week. One of my students with apraxia is working on  initial /b/ + vowel combinations. The many repetitions this requires, gets boring quickly.  I frequently use this Feed the Dog set with our ‘drill.’ I cut a strip of words (from SPARC Artic JR) and place it next to the dog bowl. Once he says all four words he gets to feed the dog one bone. He’s supposed to use the tweezers as work on fine motor, but as you can see, he usually just uses those fingers :) I make the puppy bark everyone he feeds it! What do you use to encourage drill for your little ones with apraxia or severe articulation/phonology delays.

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    I use the Word FLIPS book from Super Duper. I have 2, so sometimes we put them side by side. I actually use the book as a “warm up” for most of my PK sessions. The kids love it! They think it’s funny for some reason!

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    I have that doggy set along with the rabbit and monkey. Sometimes we do our artic work and once all the bones are in the doggy mouth, I let the kids race each other to see who can get all their items in the mouth first. They love it!

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    When I got the WABC concept test from Super Duper it came with a tin decorated with dog pictures and some foam bones. It was supposed to be used as an incentive for the testing sessions but I used it like you did with your dog and bones. The boys I used it with loved it!

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    Anonymous says

    I have the plastic frogs from discovery toys and a game I picked up at TJ Maxx called Puff the Pop Up Dragon that I use a lot when high repetition and an entertaining reinforcer is needed.


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    I use Chipper Chat boards, the kids earn a chip and a chance with the “magic wand” after each word or sometimes two. I also love any variation of Kerplunk or any other game where they have to earn the pieces before we get to play the game.

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    My kiddos use a jack in the box (sock monkey). After the required amount of repetitions, they get to crank the handle 3 times – you never know when that thing will pop out and they get to hear the music each time!

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    I use some really quick rounds of games on the iPad (freebies include Ninjump or Paper Toss). I also have an Angry Birds bean bag toss game.

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