Polar Bear’s Friends!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? I hear Jenna, raiding the Goodwill stuffed animals bin! Oh, and her mom’s beanie baby treasures.  I used my Polar Bear Units this week. In addition to the Polar Unit and downloads we are using it stuffed animals for story retell, play and more! Here’s a peek:  Zebra!  Featuring Ken: as the zoo keeper!  There they are! If anyone sees a peacock, send it to me!  (Uh, yes my BLUE pants, match the BLUE hippo)  :)  Some friends just wanted to hoard them :)  Do you ever use stuffed animals to accompany books?

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    I love using stuffed animals to accompany books! It’s much easier when you have less obscure animals ;) I’m thinking “The Mitten” with the badger and the mole, lol!

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    One of my own children had a collection and I ended up with it when they left home. They are great for speech therapy purposes. I have them stored in an over the door shoe pocket holder. The new kids always light up when they see them. I’ve used them for motivators. One of my children with Downs Syndrome picks one to play with at the end of his session. He works hard for the opportunity to hold it. I’ve used them for book props, sorting, and mystery animal games. When people realize you have a collection they will bring you even more. Unfortunately a few have gone on walk-abouts also.

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