Give a Mouse A Cookie {version 2.0}

Last year I showed you my Give a Mouse a Cookie Unit. This year when I pulled it out to use it, I needed to make a few additions to fit my caseload! I thought I’d make them available for you too! If you don’t have this book yet, click on over to Amazon and grab it!  The packet is 37 pages long and targets preschool activities as a book companion for preschool speech and language students.   Sequencing: Cut apart pictures on page 3 and have students sort them in order onto page 4. Make it easier by pre-sorting some of the pictures.  Game Board: Use as a reinforcer for any learning target.  Yes/no questions: 18 yes/no questions with picture cues.  Cause/Effect: Use page 9 as a sorting mat. Have students identify the cause/effect that match and sort them onto the board. If students are able, have them create if/then sentences (ie: If the grass is long, then mow it.)  Writing: Have the student write or draw what the mouse might need. Object Function Bingo: Use the given calling cards with listed functions that match objects on the cards. Pronoun Cookies: Cut out all cookies and place on the large cookie jar. Read the poem and pull one card. off the jar. Match the cookie type to the owner of the cookie. For example: If you draw a star cookie it belongs to Mrs. Puppy. Create a sentence for the item on the cookie: “She has an umbrella”. or “This is her umbrella” Use the included sentence strips as visual aids. Verb Cookies: Cut out all cookies and place them on the large cookie jar. Read the poem and then pull out one cookie. Have the student identify the verb. He/she may keep it if produced correctly.  Communication Board: Use with students as a reference when retelling or as a communication board for minimally verbal students. Reinforcer Game: Use the generic game for students working on any skill. Place the cards in a jar or similar canister and. have the students pull out cookies, say their learning target the # of times indicated (articulation words, sentences, verbs etc.). and then keep the card as points. . If they draw a mouse, put all cards back. The student with the most cards is the game winner. Combine with the included game board if desired. Do you love this book as much as me? You can find it on my TpT store.  I’ll give away one copy to someone who comments below with some feedback! Thanks! 

Lovely comments

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    Wow, what a comprehensive unit!! I love it! Great addition with the communication board for the minimally verbal students. I really feel like I can use this book and activities with all my kids, from preschool to middle school. Thanks!

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    I absolutely love this packet!!!!! It targets so much of what my kiddos are working on! I really like the sequencing, pronoun, and verb cookies…oh and the object function BINGO!! I love it all! You are very talented and thanks for sharing! I hope I win! :)

  3. 3


    I love that you targetted the IF, THEN component of this book. The series does such a good job providing the model and I like that you did too!!

  4. 4


    This is one of my favorite books. This packet looks great. I particularly like the retelling and sequencing portions.

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    Loving this book right now! I’m doing my final practicum in a public school and am just trying to build a collection of activities for language centers with my PreK and K students. I especially like the looks of the Cause/Effect activity, some of my younger kiddos are really having a hard time with that right now!

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    Your activities are always great! I love this book & I like how you included activities for pronouns and verbs.

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    Anonymous says

    This is a fantastic book and the companion pack would make it even better. It’d be great to use with my self contained kids as well as my older students who still struggle with naming/identifying verbs.

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    I think this would be great to work on with some of my students with Autism. They work on pronouns and expanding their utterance length. Would love to win a copy.

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    Anonymous says

    That sequencing board is fantastic — I like how it ties in the beginning and end of the story visually. Also, those if-then scenarios are really creative.

    On another note, did you change your font for this post? It’s for some reason really hard to read tonight (not the fonts in the packet, but the actual blog font) and it seems to only be this post (I just clicked to a couple others to check and they are fine).

    Thanks for sharing!
    Miss Vee

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      Jenna I have loved every material that I have purchased from you and thank you for the wonderful freebies. This packet looks so cute! I would love to have it for my preschoolers. I love the graphics and it is very comprehensive. Keep on creating!!!
      Marya Arnett

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    Wow, I love this! I have some students that are working on increasing their ability to correctly use pronouns and you have created a great activity for that. Looks like I just need to pull this out and I can use it with all of the kids on my caseload. Jenna, this is so helpful!

  11. 20

    Anonymous says

    This seems like a great companion pack. I like how you always include material to target many different goals. Kristine Wigginton

  12. 22


    I love this book, too. I have some activities that I always do with this book. This pack would be a great addition to them. It looks super cute and fun!
    Jill T.

  13. 26


    Wow, what a great collection. Perfect for my early language kids. A tivities look straight and to the point. Love the open ended cookie jar activity. So many uses. I also like the simplicity of the verb activity. I

  14. 27


    This is great! You do such an awesome job with your activities. You provide a wide variety of tasks for us to use the same activity with multiple groups. This is perfect for my elementary students! I love book related activities!

  15. 29


    I love this book! Your companion pack looks amazing and I know there are several students that would benefit from these activities. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  16. 30


    Kids love this book!!!! What a great set of companion activities. What a great range of activities from the nonverbal to the higher functioning kids – I think you thought of everything (even artic!) Great job. Of course, I’d love to win and not have to recreate the wheel!

  17. 37

    Suzanne needham says

    Love this unit! Think I can use all of it with most of my lower elementary caseload. Especially love the sequencing, cause and effect and pronouns activities!

  18. 39

    Anonymous says

    I loove it, especially the verb section! This is very useful.. I want it!!! :-)
    Stephanie Lawton

  19. 40

    Stacy Donaldson says

    I grew up reading this book. I was the one that guessed If You Give a Moose a Muffin! I’m a graduate student who is working with a child now and will be placed in the schools in the fall!! I’d love to have this.

  20. 45

    Amber Dawn Blough says

    As a second year slp i need therapy materials to add to my new collection.

  21. 46


    I’m in desperate need of materials for my nonverbal and minimally verbal kids. I love the way the unit could be used for this part of my caseload. I could use this unit with any of my Pk-2 lang. kiddos, too!

  22. 49


    I love the If you give a series and my students always need to work on sequencing and cause and effect. Your packet looks great!

  23. 52


    I just got this book and have been searching for materials to go with it. This would be perfect! I especially love the sequencing board as so many of my kiddos are working on this skill.

  24. 53


    What a great packet! Thanks for the opportunity to win this :) I like all of these books and in fact own several of them. These are great activities to go along with them.
    Thanks so much,

  25. 54


    This is just so exciting! I loved and used your unit from last year…this will be a great add-on! Perfect for my plans for spring and summer school!

  26. 55

    Anonymous says

    I didn’t know about your website until a week or so ago. I WOULD LOVE to get a copy of the book and your unit. I have lots of language kiddos who need sequencing, cause/effect, pronouns, etc. It looks like a FANTASTIC unit! I don’t have any of the requested sign-in accounts so I have to put anonymous. Please notify me through my e-mail

  27. 57

    Anonymous says

    I was just browsing the Tpt site and found your materials.I just put this packet on my wish list. I just love all the activities that you have included.
    Diane :-)
    brookssy in Tpt
    Diane Joy Brooks in Facebook

  28. 58


    I really could go for a cookie right now but am resisting the urge. Lol. I did not resist the urge to enter to win this packet. The object functions and communication board and cause/effect activities along with the rest of the packet look fabulous.

  29. 59


    My kids love this story! We read the moose and the muffin a couple of weeks ago. This would be a great follow up to that book. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! :)

  30. 60


    Jenna, you did it again. I love this book and so do my kiddos. I especially like the cause and effect pages, the communication board, and the sequencing page. You’ve included pages for many of the goals that I target with my students. I usally make articulation cards to go with your companion books. Can’t wait to do the same with this one. Crossing my fingers I win !!!!

  31. 64


    This is amazing! I love this book, and these activities are adorable! I have kids in my preschool class every year who are working on pronouns (and i love the inclusion of the his/her forms!), as well as sequencing. I am also finding more and more kids that I am working on Yes/No questions with, so this is awesome! :)

  32. 69


    Thank you for taking the time to create this product (and all the others) – we all know how busy SLPs are and how expensive materials can be otherwise.

  33. 70


    This is one of my favorite books! I have a bag full of activities to do with this, but it’s back in South Dakota, so it would be great to add to my collection. I love all of the activities you provide for each book pack.

  34. 72


    This looks like a great companion pack! I can see using this with so many on my caseload and then with my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.

  35. 73


    I love these books. It’s wonderful that you’ve made such a comprehensive packet to go with the book. Targets so many areas. I need to go and buy the Mouse book since I have the Moose and the Muffin book. The kids love it! Thank you.

  36. 76


    Great book and awesome materials!! I love that you can target so many speech and language goals with one book. Your materials are a great way to keep the kids interested!

  37. 78


    I am new to your blog and really impressed and excited by all the wonderful ideas and units you share with us fellow speechies! I would really love to try this unit as the book is one of my favorites. I am especially excited for the communication board…it has so many applications for both our verbal and nonverbal kiddos. Thanks for your hard work.

  38. 79


    My kiddos love when I do book companion lessons…they just seem so much more engaged in all of the activities even though we are working on the same targets!!! I’d love to add this to my collection!

  39. 80

    Erin Seward says

    Hi Jenna,

    I tried to comment on this one several times last night from my phone, but it did not work. If it’s not too late to enter the contest, my email is … I am a graduate student in VA currently engaged in an off-campus practicum at an elementary school. I love it. This would be the perfect addition to my collection of your TPT items that I have already purchased :)

    Thanks for everything you create!

  40. 84

    Kelly W says

    I love this book and all of the other books by this author. You have come up with so many great ideas for this one book. I love all of it!

  41. 85

    Jessica S. says

    I used this book in my very first session as a student clinician. It’s a go-to favorite. Such a great variety of activities. I will be picking this one up!

  42. 91


    This looks like a great packet. The possibilities are endless of what you could use this for. I will definitely use these components with my preschool groups and add a mouse puppet to go along with this!

  43. 92


    My favorite activities I see are the sequence and cause/effect. I think the verb identification and prounoun activities look great too! So many ideas for a great story…

  44. 93

    Anna Cifelli says

    Great!!! This was one of my favorite books growing up and now I get to share it with my preschool speech kiddos. They love it just as much as I did! Thanks so much for all of your great packets, Jenna. Your hard work is definitely recognized and much appreciated. :-)

  45. 96

    Morgan D. says

    This is one of my favorite childhood books and one that I would LOVE to use with my pre-K and K kiddos! I could use every single activity in this packet with my kids, especially the pronouns, object-function bingo, and yes/no questions!!

  46. 99


    I love this book…and so do my students! I love this and all your materials! This targets a variety of skills and could use every activity with my students.

  47. 100

    Anonymous says

    Awesome looking packet. I love using this book w/kiddos. So much I can work on…but not as much as you! Your materials are amazing…so comprehensive! Thanks for what you do, I can always find some inspiration on your site!

  48. 104


    I love using this book for cause and effect, but these materials would make my lessons so much better! The Low-functioning class at my school just made their own book last week: “If you give a principal a pancake!”

  49. 108

    Tova says

    Love it, especially since I work with a lot of preschoolers. The simple idea of using a real cookie jar is sure to get the kids excited!

  50. 112


    This is one of my favorite books to use in therapy. What a great packet to accompany the book. I especially like the sequencing and cause and effect activities!

  51. 116

    Alisha Bennett says

    Your companion packets are fantastic! I am a grad student in my first practicum and I am working with preschool students. Something like this would be so fun to use!

  52. 117

    Katherine Alexander says

    You just saved me so many hours of work tonight! This packet is fantastic and I love it! Thank you for sharing!

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