The Docs Birthday!

I have been playing a little with Dr. Seuss this week! Here’s a peek in pictures! This game is PERFECT for following directions activities! You can find it here on Amazon (although I grabbed mine at Goodwill).  You draw 3 cards that include directions and basic concepts. All the characters and items are from The Cat in the Hat.  The ‘Tricka-ma-stick” is the most fun! We read Dr. Seuss on the iPad.  Read Dr. Seuss and slipped in a few Eric Carle that a little friend picked out.  Preschool ate green eggs and ham!  And counted 1 fish, 2 fish, lots of goldfish!  Did you Seuss it up this week?

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    We did our Seuss activities last week- we made red and white striped marshmallow hats! My son got the I Can Do That game for his birthday and I have been dying to sneak it to school & use it with my students!

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    I have 3-5th grade, so we read “Yertle the Turtle” and discussed several vocabulary words. We also read “Wacky Wednesday” and talked about characters, setting, problem and solution, and found all of the wacky things!

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