3 for ME! {artic carryover idea}

Articulation carryover has to be one of the most difficult skills we teach during speech and language intervention. Here’s a quick idea I use a lot. It originally came from my graduate school friends Dayna and Megan.  Start your next session by giving each of your students 3 magical gold coins. Really 3 of anything will work (bingo chips, pictures, pennies, etc.) but I took this picture during March and had these coins on hand! The goal, is the for the student to keep all of their coins across the session. In this session, my student was reading cards while I listened for good /r/ sounds. If the student says a word with an /r/ produced incorrectly and didn’t self-correct, I took a coin.  Of course you could use this same idea to work on other skills. I’ve used it for pronoun carryover this month, so if a student makes a error in conversational speech with subjective and possessive pronouns, I took a coin. I also usually start with around 5 or 6 coins with students just learning to work on carryover. You don’t want the student to run out of coins in the first 5 minutes of speech! At the end of our session, if the student had any coins left, they earned an extra star on their chart.  If I got all their coins (3 for me!) then they had an extra sheet of homework go home. This has been super motivating for my students and helps us work on carryover. How have you worked on carryover with your students?

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    I love this idea! I struggle to find things that motivate the kids who need to carry over what they’ve learned. Not having more homework might be some good motivation. I loooove this idea!!

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    This is great! I’ve done something similar with Nerds or M&Ms. I tell them they can have the entire mini-pack of M&Ms, but every time I hear an error I get to keep one. I let them have whatever is left over. It’s amazing what they can do if they’re motivated!


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    I do a variation with these coins. Students usually get 10 coins to start (5 if they’ve been working on carryover for a longer period of time). I take a coin if they make an error without self-correcting. However, they can earn a coin back if they self-correct before I catch it. I did have one student who tried to make errors and self-corrections on purpose, but it works great for most kids! They love it when they can catch themselves before I do because I usually make a big deal about it.

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    Great idea! Carryover to conversational speech is one of the hardest things to work on with my kiddos! The fact that it rhymes makes it even better!

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    Anonymous says

    I have started using this with my students and it is SO motivating! They are working hard and becoming more aware of their errors. Great ideas for at home practice too! Thanks :)

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