Vocabulary Chipper Chat {product review}

If you’ve read my other Chipper Chat Reviews forArticulation, you know I’m a HUGE fan of this therapy tool. It’s the perfect group activity for preschoolers to middle schoolers. Chipper Chat has never let me down!

Super Duper Inc.’s newest addition to the collection is Vocabulary Chipper Chat. It’s Core Curriculum aligned and full of language activities. This one made me giddy! I love that it works on so many foundations skills of vocabulary. My IEP goals are written SO similarly to these skills that it made data collection super easy. 

Included in the game:

12 different game board designs with 5 copies for each board

360 vocabulary cards

2 foam dice

Magnet wand (THE BEST PART, DUH!)

100 magnetic chips

I have all kinds of mixed groups (I know you can relate!) so I used the included language cards a couple different ways. One girl was using sentences strips with the compare/contrast cards. The other students used the pictures on the back of another set of task cards to work on sentence level fluency. My last group member used another set of the cards to target articulation carryover.

The included vocabulary card target the following skills:

analogies, associations, attributes, categories, compare/contrast, context clues, figurative language, function, homonyms, homophones, synonyms/antonyms, and verbs.

Pros: The included cards are quite diverse in difficulty. I have been able to use this set with Kindergarteners and 4th graders in back to back groups. I love an activity I can use all day with diverse groups! Cons: $65 might eat up a lot of your yearly budget (if you get one at all!) I wish the game always game with two magnet wands. 

 You can find the product on Super Duper’s Website for $64.99. 

Disclosure Statement: This item was provided to SRN to complete a review. The opinions expressed are only the authors. 

Lovely comments

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    I love the chipper chat activities and this one would be a dreat addition for the language kiddos! Thanks for the review! Hopefully super duper will have a sale on it soon : )

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    Anonymous says

    Don’t know if I should spread this around or not, but Super Duper has a store on ebay. All of their items are listed at regular price as “Buy It Now” or “Make Offer”. I have had fantastic luck offering 50% of retail! I got this particular item for $33.00! :) It’s worth a try!

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