Back in my day… Part 2.

I’m back with some more ‘ Back In My Day’ materials. If you missed the first round, check it out here. Check out these materials from Connie Ziko from a few decades ago.  This is the Fokes Sentence Builder  published in 1976 by Teaching Resources. There are 5 color coded boxes . Who, What, Is Doing, Which, and Where for a total of 200 black line drawings . There is a sentence line for the boxes. There is a box containing sentence markers and inserts. The manual includes  lessons : Level 1 for severe delays Level 2 for moderate delays Level 3 for no delays . The lessons are arranged in order of linguistic complexity for declarative , questions and negative sentences . Ok, I just have to say that parts of this were actually in the therapy cabinet when I showed up  a few years ago! Thanks for sharing Connie!  Special Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos along with Connie’s! Larissa Stewart submitted this photo that certainly wouldn’t be appropriate any longer!  The copyright is date is 1972! Tons of /s/ sounds in ‘smoking cigarettes’. 

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    I graduated in 1980 and STILL use my Fokes set. I have found it particularly good for some of my higher level ASD kids who are such strong visual learners. It’s particularly good for teaching question comprehension and formulation. Interogative reversals make so much more sense when you actually pick up the the auxiliary/copula marker and move it to the front of the sentence to see your statement become a question.

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      Barbara Erskine says

      Dear cmf-slp

      I am a speech pathologist who owns the Fokes Sentence Builder Boxes.
      Unfortunately I am missing the manual.

      Is there any way that I can purchase a copy of this first manual from you?

      Thank you for letting me know.

      My phone number is 503-502-2832


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    Sara says

    I moved to a new school this year and had all of these. The boxes are great for repurposing!

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    Anonymous says

    I had this set, but just got rid of it last week. It was in my room when I started and I haven’t used it in four years. Now I may regret tossing it!

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    Really, too funny. I clicked this picture and here I arrived. What a grand idea..back in my day! I totally found those Fokes Sentence Builder boxes when I inherited my speech room. I think mine are pronouns. Needless to say, I believe I kept them all this time and can’t wait to dig them out when I get back to school for a chuckle. Never used them in a session!

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