I Dare You Articulation! {app review & giveaway}

OK. It’s the LAST few weeks of school. If you’re like me you’re making tons of summer recommendations  I’ve got a new one for you. I Dare You Articulation is the newest app develop by Erik X. Raj. This app is amazing summer homework for the school based SLP crowd! The app features several sounds (seen above) at the sentence level.  Select a sound and then select the position of the word.  The student will scroll through child-friendly dates that get your kids up and moving while saying their target words at the sentence reading level.  Pros: The app is currently listed as $4.99. The price and the premise make it an ideal app to have students  download for homework! I have already sent the link to two of my parents! Cons: The app doesn’t take data, a feature SLPs might be used to for therapy. Overall this app is 100% likely to make your students giggle! Enter to win a copy of the app below! Erik is also throwing in a $10 gift card   a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure Statement: This app was provided for review. No other compensation was provided.

Lovely comments

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    I love the multiple choice app that he has, and would love to try this one as well! I made articulation fun by playing lots of games and letting the kids be the judge of their speech sounds as well as mine.

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    I incorporate board games with my articulation as well as many of the tpt materials. My kids love playing games which is a great motivator for them to say their sounds correctly!

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    I like to let the kids choose what activities they like to do. That gives them a sense of ownership for their work. Plus, they have more fun if it is something motivating to THEM!

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    Anonymous says

    I like to allow my older students to take their own data, then compare it with mine. I also allow them to choose their favorite activities.

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    Anonymous says

    For my students working on conversation and generalization. I have made “social hour” in the speech suite 2x a month. During that session the student(s) are allowed to bring a friend and we discuss the topic of the day. I provide them with treats and we work on our “good” sounds with peers. The older students are highly motivated by this activity.

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    We play a new, easy, quick game almost every time! It keeps us all on our toes. Also, use of the iPad is always a crowd-pleaser.

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    To make artic therapy a little more fun, I try to keep it fast paced and intro a new game every couple of weeks….

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    Tara Milner says

    I work with preschoolers, so we do games with a lot of movement (ex. riding on scooters to find target pictures)!

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    I like to make artic therapy fun by using Roll-A-Word/sentence dice. I also love the Articulation Menus from Speechy Musings! I have the other Eric Raj artic multiple choice app, and my kids think his answers are hilarious!

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    My students love your Bazinga game. They always ask for it! Now I just hide conversation starter cards for them to choose and respond to with their best speech!

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    Amanda says

    I try to encourage the kids to work together and help each other out, along with use of some games.

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    I try to make articulation therapy fun by playing a board game where they have to say their target sound/word/sentence in order to get their turn.

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    I try to incorporate games and movement activities. My students are very competitive so sometimes we compete to see who can practice their sound the most times in a session or who can fit the most words with their sound into a single sentence!

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    Nicole says

    I like to find what motivates each child individually because what works for one doesn’t work for all. However, they all LOVE the iPad!

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    Hi Jenna, I check out your amazing blog from time to time and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your ideas and reviews are so helpful to me! I was just told I have some budget money for next year so I checked out all of your app reviews to see which ones would be the best for my caseload. You saved me so much time and money! Thanks again for doing this blog!!!

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    I like to make artic therapy fun by embedding it in craftivities. I don’t use a lot of apps because it’s difficult for 3 or more kids to share a tablet, but an app like “I Dare You Articulation” seems like it would work great with a group!

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    I do inclusionary services in Head Start and private preschools. I always bring a game to play with a group of kids (some with IEPs and some without in the group) during their free play or center time. The kids love playing and fight over whose turn it is to play with me that day. One day I was in a store and a mom of one of the kids in one of the classes I go into (not one of my IEP kids) came up to me and said “You’re the game lady” You can target almost any skill by having them pick a card before their turn and you can use almost any game out there. So scout out the yard sales this summer and you can pick up some great games at a cheaper price.

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