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Something about summertime just makes it hard to be PREPARED. One day last week, I was driving to my therapy session. I went to grab my water bottle out of my bag and ((WHAT THE HECK)) realized I left it at home. No iPad, no Jumbo Artic Book, no Headbanz game.  Am I the only one having a flashback to graduate school and the ‘you should be able to do therapy with a paperclip’ speech?!  Well, I didn’t even have a paperclip with me, so I whipped into the gas station and bought a newspaper. I knew we could get a TON of therapy done with that. I’ve used kids newpapers and regular newspapers in the past during therapy and they are great motivators for kiddos. When I got home I added, ‘make a newspaper companion pack’ to my to-do list. I had a ton of ideas and got started with them. But them I got stuck, so I asked all my blogging buddies for their ideas. You would not believe how smart we are when we all get together! The finished product is something I’m SUPER excited about. Like….. haven’t been this excited about something I’ve made in a while! Here is a peek inside! Perspective Taking Synonym title replacement!  Inferencing Understanding humor These are just a snap shot of the included activities! The full list of included activities:  Cover Page Parent Letter Main Idea Newscaster retelling Perspective taking Most/Least comparing Opinions Cause/effect Current event conversations Category sorting by type of article Evaluating Weather Vocabulary Problem Solving Synonyms/Antonyms Multiple Meaning Words Current event summaries Fact/Opinion Sequencing (recipes & comics) Syntax (finding parts of speech) Humor, figurative language Inferencing from titles Job search matching Compare/Contrast ads/articles Persuasive writing Name the caption Narrative writing Inferencing from pictures Perspective Taking from advice columns Articulation Blank Templates A simple newspaper can be used with your entire caseload from articulation to life skills with this packet! I’ve uploaded the product to my TpT store and you can just follow this link to it :) I’ll pick two lucky winners to grab their own copy on the rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway Are newspapers one of you ‘go-to’ therapy items? 

Lovely comments

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    This is so amazing!! Yes, Newspapers and Magazines are my backups when I need something quick without a lot of time to plan. Especially during those weeks when everyone is on field trips or testing!

  2. 9


    What a great idea! I just finished grad school and will be starting my first “real” job as an SLP next school year, and your blog is an amazing resource! Thank you!

  3. 14


    I love incorporating the newspaper into my tx sessions w/ my middle school kids—I would definitely use this packet often!

  4. 17

    Laura says

    This is a great idea! I used to use newspapers with adult clients but somehow, didn’t think to use them with kids!

  5. 18


    This is a great idea! I’m always amazed when something so simple works for so many things! Sometimes we make it so hard on ourselves!

  6. 19


    Well I now I feel a bit behind the 8-ball for never having thought of newspapers as therapy tools before! Nor paperclips…

  7. 21


    So thrilled that you made this product! This is a good reminder at how we can be crafty with anything and I love that you have given us the templates on what we can do with a newspaper with this product! Thank you!

  8. 22


    What a wonderful idea! My students will love this! They can use this with their weekly readers and high interest magazines too (ex. National Geographic Kids).

  9. 27


    I have used this idea many years ago with my older students and it’s amazing what you can accomplish! Thanks for all the ideas!

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    Lauren B. says

    Great idea…I did so much therapy with a newspaper in grad school. Funny you mentioned it! :)

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    Speaking of therapy on a paperclip……Jenna, I used your Christmas Catalog activity and wrote a blog post last December beginning with ..

    “It’s interesting how the old stuff comes back once again. When I was in college studying Audiology and Auditory Rehab/Auditory Verbal Therapy, I heard over and over the therapy materials do not make a successful session. I vividly recall on two occasions, as I was walking into the therapy session, my supervisor took my planned lesson materials from me and in exchange handed a roll of Lifesavers, on the first occasion and the second time, a catalog from the Speech and Hearing Clinic’s waiting room. Yikes!”………read more here:

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    Anonymous says

    This product looks so awesome; it covers so many different areas! I don’t think that we ever got the therapy with a paperclip speech, and I’m surprised.

    Sarah G.

  13. 58


    This is a fantastic resource! I travel in my job every day and often find myself remembering all the therapy resources I’ve forgotten as I’m pulling into the school I’m visiting. This is a great idea!!

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