Articulation Games Giveaway!

Whew! That holiday weekend wore me out! Luckily my friends over at The Virtual Speech Center contacted me to see if I wanted to throw a big app giveaway! Articulation Games is an app I reviewed back in September. Check out my review here!  Go check out the review and then enter to win one of 5 copies below on the rafflecopter widget!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely comments

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    Anonymous says

    I’m a SLPA student. I can use it for my classes and then out in the real world when I’m so lucky to join it.

  2. 21

    Anonymous says

    I definitely work on /k,g,s,sh,ch,th,r,l/ and blends the most but all the sounds included in this app would be used at some point on my caseload…which makes this a great app!

  3. 35


    How ’bout…all the sounds? Can’t think of any I’m not working on with at least one kiddo. And with a new crop of kinders coming in this fall, I’m sure I’d find plenty of uses for an app like this!

  4. 38


    I think I’ve worked on all the sounds at one point, but s blends are always a big one. I call them “s buddies”!

  5. 45


    Just figured out the number follower thing: I was 3528, but started following you long ago! I have so many /r/ kiddos in my private clinic presently – and they all love the iPad!

  6. 56


    I would love a chance to use this app to work on all the early-developing sounds with my preschoolers. It would be wonderful to have a good app to take with me on the go, rather than carting around so many cards and games.

  7. 63


    What sounds don’t I work on LOL! The most prevalent are /k, g, f, th, r and r blends, s and s blends, L and L blends and sh/

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