Pump It Up:: Balloon Pumps

It’s almost time to  find the summer clearance sales. I wanted to share an easy idea that students and SLPs will both love!  I used this all the time in a clinic I used to work at and last summer I bought my own balloon pump in the end of summer clearance!  Go visit your local Big Box Store and find one of these air balloon pumps. They will be under $10 full price and pretty soon you’ll find them marked way down!  These pumps work for both air and water. We used them this week for water balloons, but for typical therapy you’ll just pump air into the balloons!  The pump requires about 15 pumps of the handle to get enough force to blow up a small balloon. During therapy I use this as a token reinforcement system. The child completes X amount of trials with the a fun deck and then earns a pump or two!  Once you’ve pumped it all the way up, you’ll pull the trigger to inflate the balloon!  Super fun and super easy for therapy! Have you used this idea before?

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    We used one of these for water balloons at my youngest sister’s high school graduation party in May… All my younger cousins LOVED it (and so did my husband, as he was on water balloon duty and got all the kids to do the work for him without even realizing it was work!!

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