School of Multi-Step Directions {app review & giveaway}

The developers over at Virtual Speech Center, Inc. have released another speech therapy app. School of Multi-Step Directions is developed for elementary and older students working on 2-4 step directions. VSC provided a copy of this app for review, but the opinions below are just mine! In setting you can choose randomization, enable audio and adjust rewards. It’s important to note that background noise can be added in different levels here for Figure Ground practice. The background noise practice makes this app very appropriate for children with auditory processing disorders. To start, add your students information and click on one of the classrooms. Each classroom features different kinds of multi-step direction activities in the theme of the given classroom. Read the details from the developer below:

  • English classroom: 2-step, 3-step and 4-step of unrelated directions with multiple levels of difficulty. Stimuli include: pictures, letters, and written words with color, size, and temporal concepts. For example, “Underline the red letter A and erase the blue letter C.”
  • Math classroom: 2-step, 3-step and 4-step of unrelated directions with multiple levels of difficulty. Stimuli include: shapes, number, concepts, size, color, odd, even, bigger than, and smaller than. For example, “If 10 is bigger than 9, highlight 4 and underline 6, if not, cross out 2 and touch 1.”
  • Chemistry Lab: 2-step, 3-step and 4-step unrelated directions with multiple levels of difficulty. Children will have fun “making experiments.” For example, “Set the temperature to cold, shake the flask, and add water to the cup.”

Choose different levels and learning objectives for each student. I especially loved the chemistry set! The tools in this set allow you to set temperature to hot or cold, mix, or shake. When shown the game screen children will be read the direction prompt. There are 4 different tools at the bottom of the page. Use the pencil to underline, the X to cross out, the highlighter to highlight and the eraser to erase! Many of the skills are really hard. For example a 2 step conditional directions with numbers and even/odd number says: If 10 is an even number, underline 3 and cross out 2. If not highlight 2 and erase 9. That’s a lot for ME to recall! Data collection is seen in the top corners of the page. You can also repeat the verbal prompt. The app includes a ping pong game as part of recess. The app’s data collection is on par for data collection apps. Check out this full video description for more details.  The app is listed for sale in the itunes store for $18.99. But one lucky reader can have a free copy by entering in the rafflecopter giveaway listed below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely comments

  1. 6

    Amanda says

    I haven’t used any apps for following directions yet…this is my first year using my iPad and expenses are a bit tight, so I’m fairly limited to free/very cheap apps. This looks like it would be great to add to my collection!

  2. 8


    I have used apps for following directions…splingo’s language universe, more fun with directions, one step two step, and auditory workout, but they only really offer up to 2-step directions. I definitely would love an app that targets directions with 3 or 4 steps.

  3. 10

    Anonymous says

    I have used Splingo for following directions but this app appears to have more complex directions that would be more appropriate for my older students.

  4. 15


    I use Fun With Directions, More Fun With Directions, One Step Two Step, and Splingo. My students especially love Splingo but I think they would like this one as well!

  5. 16


    I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks for the review. I’ve had this on my wish list, but have wonder if it is worth the cost since I pay for all my school apps.

  6. 21


    This seems like a great app- I have so many middle school kids with auditory processing difficulties. Thanks for the review Jenna!

  7. 23


    I use Splingo and lots of open-ended apps that aren’t necessarily for speech to address multi step directions – i.e Toca Hair Salon, My Play Home, Easy Bake, etc. but I would love to have this app! It’d be easier than creating directions on the fly :) thanks for the review

  8. 24

    Anonymous says

    Yet another awesome tool to add to the speech arsenal for multiple directions. I think this would be highly motivating. — Jill Sillery

  9. 27


    I just got an ipad so I don’t have many apps. I love using the Guess Who app because the students have to think through which characters to put down.

  10. 30


    This will be my first year with access to an iPad so I have not used any apps to target following directions, this looks like a good one.

  11. 37


    I use One Step Two Step and HearBuilder Following Directions (it’s a CD ROM, not an app) for multi step directions but I’m always looking for more resources because targeting direction following can be tedious and it can be difficult to find good resources for this skill.

  12. 40


    I use Auditory Workout and Fun With Directions, but I would LOVE to try this one. I work with grades 3-5 and I think this would be perfect…definitely adding it to my wish list too!

  13. 47

    Anonymous says

    Awesome! Thank you for the review. I love to hear what SLPs have to say about good apps because they can be hard to find!

    Katie Lein

  14. 48


    I don’t have ANY apps for following directions! But I swear about half the kids I just inherited on my caseload have direction goals in their IEPs. I’d love to get this app and stop lugging workbooks and decks of cards around!

  15. 49


    Have not yet but I am just getting an ipad for the first time to use and can’t wait to use it to target following directions and many other skills!

  16. 56

    Anonymous says

    I often use My Playhome for following directions. This app would be great for my older elem students.

  17. 61


    This app looks awesome! I use splingo and also adapt apps like doodle buddy, educreations, cookie doodle, my playhome, toca apps, etc to work on multistep directions.

  18. 66

    Anonymous says

    I also use Splingo but this app looks more interesting. I also use Super Duper’s Hear Builder Following Directions program on the PC.

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