Facebook 10k Giveaway

When you have a company, blog, website, or store there are different ways to measure your ‘reach’. How many page views, how many pins on pinterest, numbers of followers, subscribers through bloglovin, or even retweets.

I love that you’re following along with The Speech Room News is so many ways. While I don’t celebrate milestones too often, I think the 10 Thousand followers mark on Facebook seems like something too big to miss!

I’m most proud of our SLP CHATs. You submit questions and I post them. Then we all share our ideas. I love the community  that has evolved!



So I figured the best way to celebrate was to throw some goodies your way. I’ve got a bunch of ’10’ freebies to share with you all!

$10 to Starbucks

a Rafflecopter giveaway
$10 to iTunes

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

$10 to TpT

a Rafflecopter giveaway

$10 Amazon  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks for participating! Goodluck!

Lovely comments

  1. 6

    Lisa Gribler says

    Congrats on 10K fb followers, Jenna! Here’s to 10K more! Thanks for all you do for our beloved profession!

  2. 13

    Bryn Miles says

    Congrats on 10K! I mainly use Facebook and Tpt! Thanks for all of your awesome ideas and materials!

  3. 14

    jordan laine says

    I love following the #InstaSLP posts on Instagram and when I’m looking for seasonal materials the first place I look is the Speech Room News blog! I also LOVE following SLP Chat on Facebook. Basically I love the wrap-around of all the different social media avenues available!

  4. 18

    Annie Polizzi Doyle says

    I follow mostly on instagram and your blog. I have to be careful, because I can very easily get sucked in and lose track of all time!!! Congratulations! 10k is a huge accomplishment and you have done it with professionalism and grace!

  5. 20

    Amber says

    I’m a follower on Facebook and TpT!!! My students & I love your activities and I’m so glad you have hit 10k! Congrats!

  6. 28

    Lisa says

    Congrats on the 10K followers! I follow via email, on FB and through pinterest. It’s exciting watching the SLP community grow and connect through social media.

  7. 31

    Andrea Schneider says

    Congrats on the move! I love you ideas and thank you so much. I love following you on FB and TPT..

  8. 32

    America Salyers says

    I think I am now following on every possible social media venue possible, but I really rely on Facebook for most of my Speech Room News updates!
    Yay for you! 10,000!!!!!

  9. 38

    Judy Hale. (aka flamingonutjudy) says

    I love getting your emails through bloglovin and I also follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but I am not good at those last two because I am old!

  10. 40

    Rebecca crawford says

    I use Instagram the most frequent but also Facebook too to follow you….and now I’ve got the email updates and those are sent right to my phone!

  11. 41

    Sarah Garner says

    I use Bloglovin the most, but also try not to miss anything by using Facebook, TPT, & Instagram. I love the look of the new website!

  12. 42


    I love your new website and congrats on over 10,000 followers! I’ve been reading your blog for over 2 years!! HUGE fan of Speech Room News! :)

  13. 43


    Oh, and facebook/TpT is where I see most of your updates. I very rarely log on to Twitter for anything, and I don’t have Instagram. :)

  14. 47

    Lisa Ropp says

    Jenna, you’re awesome! Whenever I’m trying to come up with lessons, I usually head to your blog and/or TPT store first. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with all of us and bringing so many of us together. :)

  15. 48

    Lisa Ropp says

    I forgot to tell you that I mostly use Facebook but I also use bloglovin’, TPT, and pinterest.

  16. 49

    Sarah Roesler says

    I like the updates on Facebook. I’m not really all that up on other forms of social media.
    The new website looks great!

  17. 50

    Kristie Flowers says

    I have mostly been following your blog, but will now be visiting your website regularly. Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas!

  18. 62

    Shannon Giles says

    I follow on Bloglovin where I read all of your posts, but I also follow on fb too.

  19. 68


    I shamelessly follow you pretty much everywhere. Like a stalker, but the good kind ;) YAY for an awesome new website!! So excited for you!

  20. 70

    Jill says

    It depends what I am on when an update pops up, but I would say bloglovin or facebook the most.

  21. 74

    Leelie says

    I follow you on Bloglovin while drinking my Saturday morning coffee and planning my weekly lessons. I love your Roadmap lesson plans! Please keep them coming!!

  22. 77

    Crystal says

    I mainly use Facebook to stay up-to-date with Speech Room News. Good luck with your new “home”.

  23. 78

    Shelli Smithers says

    I use Bloglovin and Facebook to keep up with Speech Room News. Love the new website! Congratulations!

  24. 83

    Rebecca Johnson says

    I follow you on FB, emails and TPT. I prefer either FB or email. Congrats on reaching 10,000:))

  25. 85

    Kellsy Maurer Terrell says

    I use the BlogLovin app on my phone to keep up to date on all of the awesome SLP ideas! It’s so cool to constantly get new ideas, strategies, and information all on my phone that I can take EVERYWHERE! Thanks for all that you do :)

  26. 86

    Teri Smith says

    I follow SRN through Bloglovin, email, FB, and IG. I don’t think I use one more than the other, I just use them all! :)

  27. 98

    Nicole Conforti says

    Facebook is my favorite, but I also follow you on TPT. Congrats on reaching 10K!

  28. 101

    Elizabeth says

    Use Facebook to follow you the most, though I also follow you on Pinterest and TPT. I love your stuff!

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