Love It and List It: Fluency

Happy Friday everyone!! The Love It and List It Linky Party is back! This week I’m inviting everyone to link up with their favorite Fluency Activities!


Here’s how it works. The Love It & List It Linky will happen on the 3rd Friday each month. This month it is the 4th due to the launch of the website! Each month I’ll throw out a topic. Any and all SLP bloggers are invited. If you want to get involved just share a short list (3-5 items) on the topic! The only requirements are that you write a NEW post and use the Linky Picture above! Then link your post at the bottom of this page (remember that if you link, don’t use your general URL, use the specific POST URL)! Fun right? If you don’t have your own blog (uh, hello, I know most of you don’t :)) just comment below to share your list of fluency favorites!!

ONE:: Fluency Labels: Perfect to making homework!


TWO:  Disfluency Index Counter I love this app for tracking data!



THREE::: Focus on Fluency Kit.  I love this kit! So So great. Read my review in the link for details!


So link up and share your current favorite materials for Fluency activities! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve been doing!

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