Social Traps! Social Thinking for St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns & Unthinkables have a lot in common. They are both sneaky! I decided to pair the two for my students working with Michelle Garcia Winner’s Superflex Curriculum. Leprechauns are famous for playing tricks on people. We can think about Unthinkables in the same way. They try to trick us into using unexpected behavior. Sometimes the Unthinkables do things that might be a warning that they are trying to set a trap for us. For example, if we feel like we can’t sit still that is a warning. Energy Hare-y is getting close to trapping us! We need to watch out for those traps and use strategies to outsmart the Unthinkables! If we’re not careful they will trap us into using unexpected behavior. That will make others have weird thoughts about us. How do the Unthinkables trap you? How can you outsmart the trap? Use these worksheets to help your students work on their Social Thinking skills. This download is meant to accompany the Superflex Curriculum. You will not be able to use the worksheets without the Superflex program. The vocabulary terms ‘expected and unexpected’ behavior and Social Thinking are the intellectual property of Michelle Garcia Winner as a part of the Social Thinking® curriculum. Please enjoy the FREEBIE and leave feedback. You can download the packet for free in my TpT Shop!

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