Critical Thinking Snapshots: Product Review

It’s been a crazy busy month. I am super excited for the continued opportunities to do some reviews for Learning Resource. Learning Resources  is always coming out with new products, so when they asked me to take a peek at some of the new 2014 releases I instantly picked out the Wild About Animals Critical Thinking Snapshots.



These cards are developed for Preschool and up. They are 8×8 cards. On one side they have a vivid photo. On the other side, there are critical thinking prompts.

This product includes an Activity Guide and 40 double-sided cards.



I don’t have preschool students this year, but I can absolutely still use these cards.


This week I pulled out the cards for a fluency student. I had him write sentences describing the picture. He loved the detailed images. I would call this one ‘gross’ but he loved it.


After we wrote the sentences we grabbed my Fluency Labels. Each time we said the set of sentences we applied a different strategy and therefore a new label!


By the time we were finished we had a lot of practice with the sentences. This was a 6th grade student. I loved that the product captured their attention so well!

Overall, I think the Wild about Animals Snapshots for Critical Thinking cards are a great tool for SLPs. SLPs will find uses for sequencing, articulation, writing, critical thinking, describing, fluency and perspective taking all within the box of 40 cards. The cards were able to engage my students with the vivid images. I would love for this product to have levels of critical thinking questions on the back. If half the cards were preschool and the other half elementary I think most SLPs would find the prompts more useful. This set retails for $19.99.

Learning Resources wants to offer a lucky Speech Room News reader their own free copy. Use the rafflecopter below to win. ((Learning Resource provided this product for review. No other compensation was provided and the opinion here all belong to me!))

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Lovely comments

  1. 3

    Margaret says

    I would love to use the Snap Shots For Critical Thinking – Wild About Animals with some of my clients.

    • 4

      Margaret says

      I think they would be good pictures to use with Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing program.

  2. 5

    Sarah says

    I would love to try these with my PK kiddos. I think they would really grab their attention!

  3. 7

    Helen Wagner says

    I would use these in carryover practice, asking and answering wh questions, describing, and comprehension and memory tasks…to name a few.

  4. 8

    Lisa Varo says

    I would use these with many of my groups. I think it would be awesome for articulation carryover at this point in the year. Also looks motivating for students who are difficult to motivate in therapy. I love that you can use these with fluency, language, vocabulary, and articulation!!! Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 9

    Sonia H says

    I would use the cards for Language Activities with EET, the fluency activity is great, answering WH questions, and I could use with some students working on Articulation at the conversational level!!! These cards look great!!

  6. 10

    Karen Reinacher says

    There are so many uses for this product. I can see vocabulary, critical thinking, articulation, describing and many more.

  7. 11

    Chris Gerber says

    I would first use these cards in my course I teach as the value of buying/making versatile materials for multiple target areas. I would put them in our CDS clinic library for the grad students to use in clinic and in our preschool for the same purpose. In my language units I am emphasizing narratives–verbal and written and these would be an outstanding resource.

  8. 12

    Kristie Flowers says

    I love the pictures! I would definitely use them for critical thinking, but they would also be great for carryover with my huge artic caseload.

  9. 14

    lminva says

    I love sets of cards such as these that can be used for so many different goals. I love your idea of using it as a writing prompt and then focusing on fluency as the student read his sentences. I could also use them for articulation cards, for expanding expressive language– making simple sentences more complex by adding details, compare/contrast tasks, inferring and predicting. The uses are endless and students love animals whether they are gross or sweet and cuddly!

  10. 16

    Susan S. says

    There are several students I work with who would benefit from this regarding describing, expanding on information provided, and using language to express ideas and information.

  11. 22

    Carol says

    I think I’d try these with my structured/unstructured conversation artic kids, eliciting responses. I think the photos are very interesting and engaging.

  12. 23

    Anna Housman says

    There are so many ways these would work for my current caseload! First I love that these are interesting but look fairly compact. I am contracted between schools and I am not a fan of giant boxes that some games and activities require. These would be great for working on describing/adjectives. I love the fluency idea. You could use them for story starters. With a previous caseload, I had an intellectually disabled highschooler working how to write a paper (we started at the very beginning with pick a topic, do research, make an outline…) and these could potentially provide interesting writing/research prompts…

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