Rainbow crafts

I had a vision of rainbows taking over in place of the snowflakes currently up in my speech room. I let every single one of my speech groups do this craft (k-6th) so I have NO DOUBT you can use the idea too!


Here is the ‘ideal’ final project. A four sided rainbow that you can hang from the top!


Here’s another view. ¬†Adorable right?


Don’t worry. You can adapt this to basically ANY time frame. I spent 10 minutes on a few groups and 60 minutes with other groups. What I love BEST is that it can basically make it work for anyone. Start with a plain rainbow. I google image searched and found this one. Try googling ‘Rainbow coloring page’. Have your kids write in their learning targets/practice in SHARPIE. That way they can color over it.


Then color!


Fold them in half.


Assemble by gluing half sheets back to back.



Easy Peasy!



Here is a Multiple Meaning Words example.



The EET was an easy group! Draw a dot for each color. We used the card from my “Old Lady Clover” packet to describe.



Here is an example of one single rainbow sheet. Folded in half.


In my social groups we gave examples for things that might happen, identified if it was an expected/unexpected behavior, and then different examples of how people might react.


My fluency students listed a strategy on the cloud and sentences to practice with on the rainbow.



On the Artic sets, we wrote the sound on one cloud and the position on the other cloud.

Ok so summary: You can use 1-4 rainbows depending on your level. Prep materials ahead of time. Spend just a few minutes or stretch is for 60 minutes to cover multiple trials.

Your room will be Springy before you know it! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Lovely comments

  1. 3

    Rebecca says

    What a great activity to do with multiple students. Thanks for sharing such an easy and creative activity! I know what I’m doing in therapy tomorrow!

  2. 4

    Jenny Buffington says

    I love the rainbows for spring !!! Did you creat/draw this sheet? Is it available?

    • 6

      adminSRN says

      If you read in the passage, you’ll see that I just searched on google for Rainbow Coloring Page. I can not share things I don’t create myself because it’s a copyright violation. Best,Jenna

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