Spring Break Vocabulary

Does anyone else think the week before Spring Break is rough? How about when it’s SNOWING in Ohio?



Today we were like sticks in a mud trying to work on travel vocabulary.  So I ran across the hall and grabbed some paper off the roll. I taped it to the wall. I took the words and definitions and stapled them to post-it notes.



We brain stormed with a graphic organizer.



I wrote a short story about Spring Break with blanks. The kids could use context clues to match the right word. Our words were trip, travel, luggage, arrive, adventure, ticket, reservation. I pulled those from the social studies ‘travel’ vocabulary on VocabularyA-Z.com.



Under the context clue story, We wrote the words again and taped up their meanings.

Then we each told stories about what we would do over break next week using our vocab! A break is near! What do you do to help get your kids up and moving when working on teaching vocabulary?

Lovely comments

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      adminSRN says

      Yes! I already had the vocab set out. The first kid that I used it with comes alone, so that made it easier! We made up the story together. Then for the rest of the groups we just did the fill ins and talked.

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    Beth Spencer says

    I will have to check out that vocabulary website. Thanks for sharing. Here in northeastern Kentucky, our spring break was taken away due to all the snow days we have had. :( So no end in sight until June!

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    DonnaW says

    I play Loop Games (I have….who has?) Kids love it. Or if I’m in a classroom, we play around the world which provides multiple opportunities to hear the definition. But love this idea as well and will incorporate into my repertoire. Thanks!

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    Andrea says

    Such great ideas! What are you using over your graphic organizer? It looks like a great way to prevent laminating everything. I want one of those! :)

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