Spring has Sprung

Spring Lessons Plans! They are here! They are free! Grab my April Road Map and make life easy!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 7.47.54 PM


When you download the lesson plans you can check out what I’ll be doing for the month of April. I prep all these materials at the beginning of my month (or pull them out from last year) and then I’m all set for the month.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 7.48.14 PM


Preschool lessons always involve books!


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 7.48.21 PM


I also separate my upper elementary and lower elementary. Grab the download for free! Most of the materials are included in the Spring Bundle if you are looking to purchase materials.

I just added a new Social packet, Spring Feelings. It’s perfect for preschool and early elementary aged students.



Happy Spring!

Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Elizabeth T says

    I LOVE your site. I’ve never purchased materials before but I’m tempted by the spring pack. I love how it pairs with the books. I would love to hear more about what computer programs you use to make your materials? I know you can’t give away all your secrets but a little guidance on how to be more “tech savvy” and unleash my own creativity would be awesome!
    also, as a new CF, I’d love to see a May “game plan”
    Thanks for all of your hard work!!

    • 2

      adminSRN says

      Elizabeth, Thanks for writing. I am making the Road Maps each month. I plan to publish a May version as well.. You can search ‘how to make your own therapy materials’ on my search bar (to the right) to see a post I already wrote about that. Best, Jenna

  2. 3

    Jenny Felty says

    Hi Jenna! I love your site and all of your resources! I’m very interested in the idea of these Road Maps. Do you follow these for all of your students or just certain groups? I’d love to plan weekly/monthly lessons to use with all of my students, but worry about it targeting all of their specific goals. With a caseload of 70+ students, I’m always looking for ideas on how to make planning less of a headache for me, yet providing therapy that is beneficial to all of my kiddos. Thanks for all of your hard work in creating materials that are cute, fun, and helpful! :)

    • 4

      adminSRN says

      Hi Jenny – Of course some kids need other materials. For example, I work with Life Skills students and I don’t include those plans on my Road Map. I like to use the same materials for all my groups. That also includes a game. So if I play with crocodile dentist or connect 4, I try to make that work for EVERY group. Thats the same POV I take to using the materials on my road map. It really cuts down on the planning and prep. I use the packets I have included and then would say I add in ‘Fun Decks’ for some other specific goals (like idioms or what doesn’t belong) for goals that my packets don’t target. I Hop ethat helps.

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