Visuals for Vocabulary Instruction

I love teaching vocabulary. I think its one of areas SLPs specialize in. I especially love teaching the concepts of vocabulary to early elementary aged students. Synonyms, antonyms, associations, multiple meaning words, categories and more! I have a hodge-podge of visuals I had made over the years to teach students these skills. Over the last few weeks I tried to make them more streamlined and use the same symbols to be more consistent.

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When I posted this picture on  Instagram I had a lot of you asking for it! I wanted to make sure to post about it so you can get your hands on it if you need it for your speech office!





This packet contains 11 pages of visuals to support vocabulary instruction. You can use these as posters in your speech office. I like to place posters where they can be easily pulled off the wall when we are targeting that skill.

Vocabulary visuals included: compare/contrast, synonyms, antonyms, associations, categories, what doesn’t belong, and multiple meaning words.

You can find the Visuals for Vocabulary Instruction on my tpt site. This document was created using Smarty Symbols. Smarty Symbols is a registered Trademark of Smarty Ears, 2013. All rights reserved to Smarty Ears.

What do you use for teaching vocabulary? Would you use this? Leave a comment below and I’ll send a free copy to someone who wants it!

Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Amy Robets says

    These look so awesome! These would help so much! I have so many students who struggle with these concept. My students can usually tell me how items are alike, but have such difficulty explaining differences. And multiple meaning words are really difficult! These visuals would be perfect!!

  2. 2

    Staci Jackson says

    I love teaching vocab because it has a more direct impact on the academic success than some of the more subtle skills like artic and social skills. And I am a word nerd!

  3. 4

    Anne says

    Vocabulary is my favorite thing to work on in my Language groups. This would be a great resource!

  4. 5

    Leslie Knight says

    I would LOVE to have this for my language students !!!!! Thanks for sharing and always making things practical and great resources for any therapy room :)

  5. 6

    alison weigand says

    Wow. this is fantastic. Working with the hearing impaired and deaf populations visual cues are part of the way that they learn more so than other students. This would make a fantastic addition to my bag of therapy tricks!

  6. 7

    Kerri says

    These look great! I don’t have a lot of wall space, so I think I would put them in an easel binder to keep on my table.

    • 8

      Shari says

      I love Kerri’s idea! This would make it easier for my students with autism to focus only on what I wanted them to :-)

  7. 9

    Jessica Smith says

    I love teaching vocab also! I have lots of ELL students who this is particularly important for, and I believe it has such a strong academic impact. I’ve made some visuals, but would love these as they are consistent and clear!

  8. 10

    Sharon Swindell says

    These are great! I have a hodgepodge collection of different visuals that I have used over the years because I know visual are crucial! This collection would be great to have up all year round, to be used as anchor charts! Vocabulary instruction is an ongoing process and to have these available all the time would be outstanding. Thank you for making them available!

  9. 11

    Jennifer Holbrook says

    I was just trying to find a visual for multiple meanings for two kids who cannot remember to think about a noun and action. I would love love love this! I could use this for so many of my kids. I use a hodge lodge of materials for vocabulary prompts, so it would be great to have similar visuals!

  10. 12

    Sara says

    I use this same concept but I don’t have a pretty visual for it. This is something I’ve been looking for! Our kiddos often need that visual when trying to describe.

  11. 13

    Kristen says

    Those look awesome! I currently use a combination of posters from a variety of sources, so it would be great to use ones that were more consistent. I am already brainstorming how I am going to set up my new room/walls next year! Too early?

  12. 14

    Caryn Chalmin says

    I would love to have these resources to help with vocabulary teaching. I work in an elementary school where a lot of my students don’t get a lot of exposure to many experiences outside of school. Vocabulary teaching is essential for their success in school. Your visual aids are amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  13. 16

    Jill says

    Oh my goodness! I teach vocabulary with sooo many of my groups and know these visuals would be so incredibly helpful for so many of them! Thank you for taking the time to put them together!

  14. 17

    Sarah says

    This is amazing! I’m just finishing up graduate school and as I’m thinking about starting my CF this is just the kind of visual that I am gathering so I have a whole bag of tricks to start with!

  15. 20

    emily says

    I am a big fan of visuals like these to teach skills I keep sets of them on binder rings so I can flip through for the one I need. I love smarty symbols so these look great! Right now I teach using the EET and a focus on strategy instruction: how to tackle and analyze and organize new words. I am also looking at SOS (strategy based instruction) by Ruthann Jarvis and I think it looks great for the older kids I see.

  16. 21

    Olga says

    I have to use pictures of items, and I teach them about Thinking Maps to help them visualize connections.

  17. 22

    Tracy says

    I have used the EET framework, but it is all in word form. I really need something with pictures for my younger kiddos! This looks perfect!!

  18. 24

    Glenda Ziglar says

    Vocabulary is so much fun to work on and so important to a child’s success in school. Your posters would be a great teaching tool. Thanks so much for offering these to us.

  19. 26

    Jen K says

    This is great! I love the visuals for compare and contrast. I have so many kids that struggle with these 2 concepts. I’ll ask for one and get the other and vice versa. I think these would be wonderful in my speech room! I’m definitely checking them out on TPT.

  20. 27

    Rhonda says

    Vocabulary is my favorite language area! There are so many ways to make it fun! I would love to have these visuals to tie all my activities together!

  21. 28

    Carly Fowler says

    I love these visuals! When I teach vocabulary I am always drawing pictures or writing on my whiteboard. It works for the time being until the next lesson when I have to draw or write the same thing over and over again. I have these on my wishlist as I know I would use them over and over again!

  22. 29

    Nicole Conforti says

    I love these visuals! I would use them everyday for my elementary and middle school students.

  23. 30

    CJ says

    Wonderful! I’m finally starting to find my groove on some things but not quite yet for teaching vocab! This would be a great jump start for me =)

  24. 31

    Paige says

    These are wonderful. They would be perfect to help teach our K-5 vocabulary. Thanks so much for all the materials you provide. I use many of them daily.

  25. 33

    Erin Diggins says

    Vocabulary Is one of my smart goals this year. I work on it in some fashion with nearly all of my kids from preK to 5th grade. These would also be great for push-in sessions and co- teaching with classroom teachers.

  26. 35

    Kristen says

    I have been working on comparing and contrasting with my first graders recently to tie in with their curriculum. These supports would definitely drive the concepts home for them. I am excited to use them!

  27. 37

    Beth says

    I love all of your products!! Wish I could purchase them. My students have really enjoy the EET activities that I have purchased. I follow your website looking for creative ideas-especially now that our school division is in the final 9 weeks of school and the weather is beginning to warm up!

    Thanks for always providing us with high quality materials to use with our students.

  28. 38

    jordan laine says

    I am SO excited to see these posted! Creating visuals similar to these has been on my to-do list for the past year and I have obviously not gotten around to it! I love using comparing/contrasting and categorizing for teaching vocabulary, can’t wait to try these out!

  29. 39

    Sara says

    OH this is PERFECT. My language kiddos would really enjoy this, it would help drive home these concepts even more!!!

  30. 40

    cassie says

    Great idea. I could really see this coming in handy with a lot of my students on the autism spectrum.

  31. 41

    Brandi says

    These are great! Many of my students are visual learners and I have been trying to create my own posters, but they look nothing like these. Thank you for creating such an awesome product!!

  32. 42

    Denise C says

    These look so awesome, Jenna! I’m always working on vocabulary with my students and would use these all the time!

  33. 43

    Danielle says

    I work on these skills with kids from k-5. I usually draw/write on a whiteboard but would love to have better, consistent visuals!

  34. 45

    Hannah C says

    I’m doing a lot of similarities/differences with my kiddos, and have been trying to figure out a concrete way to teach it- your visual breaks it down so nicely! Your packet looks like one of the most useful things I’ve seen on TPT!

  35. 46

    Nicole says

    I found a describing map in a Super Duper Descripto Bingo workbook that I use frequently. My students have always enjoyed using it because it can be laid out as a blank framework and they draw in the missing symbols then explain what each symbol means. They get so excited when they come in the room and I have drawn parts of the describing map on the white board and they have to fill in the rest. They even like to teach it to other students. After much use I can tell when they are visualizing the map in their head.We use it for descriptions, comparing, contrasting, and definitions.

  36. 47

    Natalie says

    These are wonderful! I have used them already, and look forward to pulling them out again, as needed! Thanks Jenna!

  37. 48

    Jennifer Drake says

    As I work with middle school students, I utilize Google Drive and images to create vocabulary pictures either for explicit or literature vocabulary. I create a table and insert the images, vocabulary, part of speech, or tailor it to their goal. Individual students and whole classes can use the pictures!

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