Earth Day App RoundUp

It’s Earth Day! I’ve got some apps rounded up for you. I downloaded and tested a lot of them. These were the best of the free plus one cheap great one!



Here we go!

Earth Day Carol: This app was neat for my upper elementary students. The app follows Plastic Scrooge through his past, present, and future while teaching lessons about recycling. Free.


Worm World: Teach your students about composting and then play a round of Worm World! Touch the meal that appears at the top of your screen. The foods included in that meal will pop up (pork, broccoli, cheese, etc.) Let the food items that you can compost fall into the soil and flick away anything that will bring rodents to your compost pile. Keep an eye on your water and acidity levels while the worms do all the work. Free.


The Lorax: The Lorax is a classic Dr. Seuss book. Help save the truffula trees! $.99


Lunchtime Legends: You’re charged with cleaning up the playground. Sort items into recyclables and non-recyclables. You’ll need 200 points to move past level one! Think fast! Free.


Recycling Rush: You’re in the recycling center and it’s time to sort materials. Stand at the bottom of the conveyer belt and direct items into the correct box. Free.


Four Seasons: This cute book is great for introducing concepts related to clean air and water. Unfortunately the ads within the app are HIGHLY distracting. Depending on your student you may or may not be able to use it. Free.


Trash and Fun: Another fun trash sorting game. It starts easy and ads levels. This was a perfect 2 minute reward at the end of my sessions. Watch out for the social media buttons in the app. I know you don’t want your students opening your Facebook page. Free.

Hope you enjoy these apps and find them useful in your classroom or speech room! Leave a comment and let me know which ones you download.

Lovely comments

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    Ellen says

    Thank you, Jenna! I am always on the hunt for great free apps and these were a perfect way to bring in some Earth Day knowledge this week. Awesome and adaptable for many students on my caseload!

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