Earth Day Describe and Sort Language Packet

Since I spent last week traveling this great EARTH (did you see my Instagram pics?), I thought I’d throw together an Earth Day packet. I have a ton of kids working on describing and overall expressive language skills.

I made a quick booklet that will work for lots of those skills.



First there is a booklet that teaches a little bit of background knowledge about recycling.



I put it on book rings and laminated it!



I also included an interactive version. You can add velcro and let your students match the right picture to the given page. It’s the same book as the full version. This a a great way to check comprehension is non verbal kids!



After we build some background knowledge we jumped into the describing. The kids pick one ‘waste item’ card. Use the describing poster to describe the item on the card.



Then sort that item into the correct recycling bin/compost bin. If your students are a bit more independent, I included little describing strips to keep right in front of them.



I included homework sheets and coloring sheets to keep little hands busy when you’re helping other students!



You can find the packet for sale in my TpT shop! Want to win a copy!? Just leave a comment below and I will pick a winner!

Happy Earth Day!


Lovely comments

  1. 2

    Brianna says

    This looks great, I’m working with a student right now who could definitely use it! Would love to win a copy :)

  2. 5

    ELisa says

    Forgot to add I would love to win a copy:) It would be a great visual for my ELL students.

  3. 6

    Lisa says

    This looks like a great packet! I think many of my students would benefit from these activities.

  4. 11

    Cyndi says

    This activity is perfect for so many kiddos on my caseload. I especially love that it can be used to check comprehension with non-verbal students. I will recycle this packet, year after year and would LOVE to win it free!

  5. 12

    Kristin Campbell says

    I use so many of your creations…would love to win this and use it too! Thanks for making awesome materials for all of us!

  6. 13

    Lindsey Albrecht says

    This would be great to use with a variety of my students! Good Earth Day matierals are hard to find….these are awesome!

  7. 14

    Louise says

    This is a friendly package that I can use with my non-verbal kids during collaborative time with the regular education “buddy” time. Both groups would enjoy learning with these graphics and we would be so lucky to win it…putting it on my wish list too!

  8. 15

    Elizabeth T says

    I’d love to win this! I always need more materials and love to keep things seasonal/on a theme.

  9. 16

    Sherrie M says

    Love this packet…especially the homework idea. The home-school communication is key….thanks for putting this together!

  10. 20

    Joan Pasqua says

    This looks great!! I love the describing activity!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!!

  11. 21

    Kelly B. says

    Looks like a fun way to learn about recycling! I love doing Earth Day units, so I would love a copy of this activity!

  12. 23

    Andrea says

    This will be my first year of doing Earth day activities with my students and I would love to use this packet with them! I especially like the describing and sorting activities with visuals that are included.

  13. 25

    Sarah says

    How can you tell the ocean is friendly?
    It waves
    This packet would be a great fit when I tell my earth day jokes!!!!!

  14. 26

    Brittany N. says

    Looks like a fun activity!! I would love to use this in my sessions :) As always, thanks for sharing your creativity!

  15. 28

    Kristine says

    I am working on describing with many of my kids. I haven’t seen many materials for earth day so this would be great to have!

  16. 29

    Sarah Wright says

    This packet looks great! I think my students would love it! It would pair well with the Trucks app from Duck Duck Moose. One of the activities includes sorting items into the garbage, recycling, or organics bins.

  17. 30

    Amanda says

    Would be great! Our school is doing an Earth Day celebration this would be an added bonus!

  18. 31

    Carly Fowler says

    This looks like a lot of fun. I especially like the interactive piece of it. I think many students would enjoy a lesson like this!

  19. 32

    angela patterson says

    Would love to win!!! Your materials are superb. Just made a few purchases the other day! Thanks for the vocab visuals…

  20. 33

    Maureen Waterstraat says

    I love all of your products and wish I could afford to buy all of them. I like that the packet includes an information booklet about recycling to give the students some background knowledge. This can be used with a variety of groups and ages. Thanks for sharing all of your creativity and ideas!

  21. 34

    Alexis says

    This would work with so many groups and provide meaningful lessons that, hopefully, parallel the curriculum. I would love to add it to my lesson plans for April! :)

  22. 38

    Rebecca says

    I LOVE the visual description strips. This is what some of my lower students need in order to describe objects better without me having to prompt as much; making them more independent. Visuals are always helpful! Plus it’s important to talk about recycling too!

  23. 39

    Elizabeth says

    I currently do not have ANY Earth day materials, this would be wonderful to add to my bag of tricks :)

  24. 40

    Kate says

    Great to teach students to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Hope to use Earth Day materials next week after we complete our state assessments tests. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  25. 43

    Lauren L says

    Happy Earth Day! I would love to add this to my resources (which include a lot of your other wonderful ideas/products!)

  26. 44

    Jenni says

    I have a nonverbal student who is in charge of recycling at our school. This would be a great way to help him with the sorting process.

  27. 45

    Jenni says

    It always amazes me what kids know and don’t know. Packets like this help fill in the gaps. Thanks!

  28. 46

    Bec says

    I love the describing strip! I have used several visuals kind of like this, but love this format more!

  29. 47

    Linda Chirco says

    This looks like a great activity for my ID students (and just perfect for my week back from Spring Break too).

  30. 49

    Susan D says

    This is a great packet. I have tons of students on my caseload that have describing goals.

  31. 51

    Ameera Hadee says

    oh wow! would love to use this packet with this great book :Grover’s 10 Terrific ways to help our wonderful world (123 sesame street)

  32. 52

    Ameera Hadee says

    Oh wow! I would definitely use this packet with my book : Grover’s 10 terrific ways to help our wonderful world (123 sesame street)

  33. 55

    Juli LaMoy says

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! This bundle looks terrific. My students would really benefit. Thanks~

  34. 56

    Judy Hale says

    Every day should be Earth Day! Would love to use this with all of my students, so many appropriate activities.

  35. 57

    Kelly M says

    This looks like an awesome activity to include in the Earth Day celebration with my students! Thanks.

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