Eggy Easter Activities


Happy Easter friends. I love this time of year! Spring has FINALLY sprung in Ohio!

I thought I’d share some activities from our week!

photo 4

We used these eggs with faces. I found them at Michael’s in the dollar bin. They were perfect in my social groups. I stuck scenarios inside and we also played a matching game. 


Last month, Meredith posted these adorable Easter eggs to match the EET. I loved it and knew I had to make a set! Super easy. We used them to describe the story elements from There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.


photo (78)

I put little book rings on the table to make the eggs stand up.

photo 3

My articulation kids opened eggs that had miniature items with their sounds. Items are so much more fun than pictures! The mini items are from the Articulation Box.

photo 1


I also used my Spring Feelings a ton this week!


What did you do this week? Happy Easter!

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      adminSRN says

      I bought cardboard ones (like the brown one) and painted them white with some acrylic paint I had.


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