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It’s that time again! The 3rd Friday of the month and time for the Love It and List it Linky Party! This will be the LAST Love It and List It Linky for a while. Let’s give ourselves a break for May and the summer. We deserve it! :)

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Here’s how it works. The Love It & List It Linky will happen on the 3rd Friday each month. Each month I’ll throw out a topic. Any and all SLP bloggers are invited. If you want to get involved just share a short list (3-5 items) on the topic! The only requirements are that you write a NEW post and use the Linky Picture above! Then link your post at the bottom of this page (remember that if you link, don’t use your general URL, use the specific POST URL)! Fun right? If you don’t have your own blog (uh, hello, I know most of you don’t :)) just comment below to share your list of fluency favorites!!

I just wanted to share one behavior idea with you. I’m kinda breaking the whole… make a list rule…. but who cares because this is my party… and it’s April 24…. and I’m sinking in the land of IEPs.

Speech Bucks is the overall system I use with elementary students. It’s the simplest thing in the world to manage. And that is the reason I do this!

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Step 1: Buy peel and stick library pockets. Peel and stick them to a wall (mine is behind the door so it isn’t as distracting).

photo 2-001

Step 2. Print a few hundred speech bucks. Mine happen to have super heroes on them. There are lots of options floating around the internet.

Step 3. Hand out speech bucks for various behaviors. Come to speech on time by yourself? Take a buck. Participate without causing me to pull my hair out? Take a buck. Say 500  speech sounds in a session? Take a buck. Bring back your homework? Take a buck. All of my kids pretty much have their own way to earn bucks.

Step 4. Make a rewards list. My students work for things like 3 minutes of drawing time, 3 minutes on the iPad, sit in the teachers chair, choose a game, or free pencil. No prize box. Just a pencil jar that is actually for me and I let them steal from it.

Some of my students use behavior contacts or systems in their units, for those kids I just use their preset system.

OK … Go for it! Link up and tell me how you manage behaviors?

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Lovely comments

  1. 2

    Marya A says

    Hi Jenna,
    I love this idea of using speech bucks! I am wandering if you have the students keep track of their speech bucks or do you keep them?
    Thank you for all of your great ideas!

    • 3

      adminSRN says

      Each kid has a pocket with their name on it so they just put their bucks into their own pocket. Then I don’t have to worry about keeping track and they bring them to me when they want to trade them in.

  2. 5

    Anna Housman says

    I use Class Dojo for behavior management and recommend frequently. I have some groups that get pretty chatty and distracted and each kiddo feeds off the next…you get the picture! I don’t know what it is about the little monsters in Dojo, but it worked like a dream from the 1st use. I have it on my iPad, my phone and my computer so I have multiple ways to access it. The kids love the monsters and seeing their points rise. I love the behavior tracking charts and the simplicity of using it. Helps me get data on behavior problems. And for added incentive, I normally track who earned the most points in that session (not always the person with the highest total overrall) and that person gets to pick the game at the end. I like it too because its a great reminder for me to praise students. When I can tell someone has had a rough day or that what we are working on has knocked their confidence, Class Dojo is a great way for me to support and praise them and give them credit for the attempts and not just the percentage correct.

    • 6

      adminSRN says

      I should use Class Dojo with my MS’ers. I tried it with elementary but I didn’t love it. Thanks for commenting!

  3. 10

    NewSchoolSLP says

    Love this! I was thinking about different reinforcement systems to use, and until I read this I thought a “prize box” was going to be my only option. This is perfect though! Thank you! Would you mind sharing the number of bucks it took for certain rewards? Also, how did the envelopes remove from your wall? Any residue? THANK YOU!!!


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