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I’ve been struggling to find things to finish out the school year in Middle School. My middle schoolers are all severely delayed. Most are reading at mid-elementary school level and they can’t keep up with my junior high level materials. It’s been hard to find things that will work for them because they are super aware when something looks ‘babyish.’  We’ve used my YouTube companion packet and Shannon’s Music Themed Companion Worksheets. Those were great but we’re a little worn out from those. My middle schoolers really work hard for a chance to play a game at the end of a session, but they can’t keep up with the middle school level language games in my stash.

photo 3-001


This week I took a childhood fav and gave it a middle school makeover. Guess Who meets Jay-Z. It’s a game they are actually ableto play and since I added pictures of Drake… it’s not ‘too’ babyish.

photo 4

I have an electronic version where inserts can just be slid right in. I made a template and added pictures of some Top 40 artists plus  a few extra rap artists (my students’ genre of choice). Bonus? I added myself and our principal just for fun :) I’m just hanging out between Queen B and Pharrell up there! If you don’t have this version of the game you can still play, just glue it to file folders!

You can entice your students with pictures of Katy Perry and then sneak in skills like asking questions, forming grammatical sentences, receptive processing, describing and naming attributes. I feel like a mom who just snuck veggies into spaghetti. So sneaky!

I also made a ‘speech kids’ version to play in my elementary school with my students pictures I just can’t show you that version because it has their sweet little pics in it!

** I’ve had lots of people ask so here is the link to the Guess Who Electronic Version. I don’t even turn it on, I just love that it folds together into a sweet little plastic container that I can take easily from school to school. I got mine for a couple bucks at a garage sale. I always see it at Goodwill, just keep your eyes peeled!

You can grab a copy of the freebie here.

Lovely comments

  1. 2

    Joan Pasqua says

    This is such a clever idea!! I’m sure they also got a kick out of seeing your picture in there too!

  2. 4

    Randi Tascione says

    Jenna, I truly love your materials. They are current and fun. I especially enjoy the pragmatic elements that you target within the sessions. Great job as usual.

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