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I AM happy to be an SLP! As part of Better Hearing and Speech Month, Felice is throwing a blog hop and I was super excited to jump in. First, check out my TIP for BHSM month and then gather the code from each blog to spell out our secret message! On the last stop of the hop check out a super HAPPY video clip and then enter the message to win prizes! Prizes will be $50 TPT gift card, $25 TPT gift card and a $15 TPT gift card. Plus some extras from Social Thinking and Smarty Ears!

We’re so HAPPY to be SLPs!

My HAPPY BHSM tip is for those beautiful sound machines in your throat! Vocal hygiene is something we often don’t think about until we have a problem! Your vocal folds are busy adducting and abducting in your throat and you’re going about your  day whispering, yelling, and all kinds of phonating.

One of the recent hot topics on the news is Vocal Fry. Vocal Fry is a voice disorder turned linguistic trend. Vocal fry is the lowest register of your voice. According to a recent article in the Journal of Voice, 2/3 of college aged women used vocal fry. The speakers evaluated demonstrated inconsistant vocal fry. It most often arose at the ends of sentences. Authors say the creak is unlikely to damage vocal cords because speakers didn’t creak continuously or even at the end of every sentence. Vocal Fry might be noted as annoying but if the habit becomes continuous damage to the vocal folds could occur. Follow the regular vocal hygiene rules. Keep your voice healthy! Use good breath support, drink plenty of water, avoid throat clearing, and manage reflux.

My letter for the secret message is:

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