One of the best things about my adventures in  blogging is that I become an author of speech therapy materials! No, you don’t buy them through Super Duper or Linguisystems, instead you download and purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers.

While I didn’t start out with my blog intending to sell anything to fellow SLPs, things took a slight curve! People were requesting copies of my materials and I had to pay for share-able images used in those packets. At that point, I decided to start selling the materials. Things have snowballed and now this blog and my materials business has become a full (part-time) job.

I hope you find the materials I make are functional because I make them for my own students, then expand them into full packets to sell on TpT. Everything I sell is something I have used myself for my own clients. You can be a blog reader and never purchase and I’ll love you just as much. On the other hand, if you do choose to spend your $4 on a new download instead of a latte this morning I really want you to know how much I appreciate you. You’ve given me new ways to make money for my family and express my creativity. TpT and Speech Room News are such a blessing to me in more ways than I could ever express.


Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, there will be the last site-wide sale of the school year for Teacher Appreciation week! Take a peek and fill your cart with whatever you need to get through May, June, the summer months!


This week I just added two brand new items to my store that you’ll want to check out!


Life Skills: Personal Hygiene


Social Filter Unit


So happy shopping to you! Thanks for all your support!

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