Articulation Jackpot {Product Review}

Dozens of SLPs are selling hand-made materials online. Most of these come in the digital format, where you download a PDF and print the materials yourself. One SLP, Kim Lewis, is selling some tangible activities and asked me to review one for you all. Kim sent me a copy of her game, ‘Articulation Jackpot for S‘.

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Articulation Jackpot comes with 93 phonemes (31 for each position: initial, medial, final) plus a custom die.   Each position has 30 novel words and one  “blank” token for customization.  Medial and final position word lists include a variety of phonemic contexts.

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To play, choose 30-50 tokens. Give each player 10 tokens to start and place the rest int he center of play. Those tokens now make up in the ‘Jackpot’. Roll the die and follow the actions listed. For example, “place one” means that the player puts one of their tokens into the jackpot. ‘Take two” indicates the player takes two tokens from the jackpot pile. Roll “jackpot” and take everything from the center pile!

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Pros: This is a game of chance which helps me keep things equitable in mixed groups with higher and lower functioning kids. The game is easy to navigate but really motivating for kids. I love the ‘jackpot’ idea.  I know I could use the customized die with plain tokens and artic cards for other sound practice.

Cons: The cost of the game is $35 for just one sound, which is expensive compared to other items in the market that would feature several sounds (like: S,L, and R).   I would love the same type of custom die with numbers/color coding instead of the words written out because many of my clients aren’t reading and reading the die requires more support from me.

Overall, Articulation Jackpot was a great new game to add to my collection. Check it out over on Kim’s blog, Activity Tailor, and tell her I sent you! If you’d like your own copy, just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below!
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Lovely comments

  1. 1


    This looks like a fun activity! Unfortunately, I have not won a real jackpot before unless you include the $60 I won on slots and then promptly lost because I continued playing!

  2. 5

    Margaret says

    Would love to win this great therapy activity! I did win a raffle once – a basket of cat supplies!

  3. 10

    Kim Hovey says

    I have never hit it big! I hate Vegas! Whenever I’m there I go hiking at Red Rocks!

  4. 12

    Deana says

    I have never hit the jackpot but I don’t gamble either : ) This is random, but I am entering my CFY this fall in a pediatric setting and have to purchase materials myself. I would love a list of your top 10 materials for each area (articulation, language, fluency, etc.) that give the most bang for your buck!

  5. 17

    Daphne says

    Money wise no but I must brag that I hit the jackpot with my husband! He’s just the best and I’m so lucky!

  6. 20

    Becca says

    Looks like a fun game! Older students and those who are reading would love this! No large jackpot here, but I have won over $350 three. Different times on nickel slots!

  7. 23

    Tiffany says

    The closest I’ve come to a ‘jackpot’ was winning $400 on a scratch ticket I got for Christmas one year.. I was an undergraduate at the time so it felt like winning the jackpot! This game looks like a lot of fun!


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