Happy Summer! Instagram Jam

It’s me! With a new post! It’s been a minute, but don’t you worry because I’m back!

Life has been crazy! I moved! My house has been painted (well, the downstairs anyway), I bought and assembled outdoor patio furniture to enjoy my view, and about 100 other projects. At work, I moved out of 3 different buildings because next year I will be in just ONE building. I mean, HELLO awesomesauce!

Here is a recap via my Instagram. I haven’t posted an Instagram Jam lately so I thought we would do a ‘new house’ version!


Elevator Selfie after my closing!


Home sweet empty home!


Um… buying a house is exhuasting.


The backyard view is my fav! 



We interrupt this home-purchase to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for some family time! I’m SO excited to add a new sister to the Rayburn clan!



Oh wait, you mean I still have to finish the school year? Spot it is one of my go-t0’s.

**A bunch of peeps on Instagram asked me how I use this. Spot It is a game where you try to find the one item that matches on two cards. My client in this is just an artic student. We said words and sentences for 4 words then took a turn in the game. Super easy and this student loved it!

image_1 copy


Back to work! Packing up my stuff!

image_2 copy

Moving day! Hooray!

image_3 copy

Ahhhh, Hooray! First steps: tear down those vertical blinds and paint over the yellow.

image copy

Paint picking is no fun for me.

image_4 copy


I’d say my puppy visitor is really loving the new place!!

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Lovely comments

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    Bev says

    Best wishes for good luck and good creative thinking (LOL) in your new home. I missed reading your posts.

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