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One of my favorite summer activities is shopping. Grocery shopping, furniture shopping, and especially THRIFT shopping! Garage sales and Goodwill are some highly frequented summer stops. I think the secret to thrifting is to go often. Not a problem for me!

I often find super awesome finds for my speech room. I decided to host a linky party to see what the best thrifty finds my fellow SLPs have discovered.


My all time favorite Goodwill/Garage sale finds are:


Cariboo: My favorite preschool game! They don’t make this version of Cariboo anymore so snag it at any garage sale you see! I have two, just in case :)


Camping Fire: I grabbed this fake campfire log, as seen here during our camping week, at Goodwill for $1. It has a fan to blow the flame around!


Bumparena: My favorite game for elementary aged students! This one NEVER disappoints!


Football Guys (Ohio State Version): I love these football guys! The elementary aged boys beg me to play this all the time.

photo (79)

Books: My Goodwill has a sale every few months with 10 cent books!I just stocked up with some super cute books.

Show me your favorite Thrifty Finds! All are welcome to link up! I’d love for everyone else to share their own finds in the comments!

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Lovely comments

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    I just linked up with my a couple of my favorite finds! My monster puppets are a pre-school favorite. Thanks for hosting this, Jenna, and happy hunting everyone!

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    Danielle says

    I love that camping log!! I made my own “fire” with a fan and red, orange and yellow streamers :)

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    I linked my posts on where I like to find cheap/discounted items. The product I would really keep an eye out for is “Barnyard Bingo” if you work with little ones and “Secret Square” if you have a school age population. I love them both, but they’ve been discontinued!


  1. […] Happy July! I hope I’m not the only one who can’t ignore a yummy aisle of games every time they go into a store. Discount stores are one of my favorites. I ran into Tuesday Morning to look for a lamp shade a few weeks ago. Instead, I came out with two new games for therapy (insert eye roll from anyone who has seen my garage full of junk lately.) I just couldn’t pass it up and the kids loved it! I loved that it was another thrifty find! […]

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