August Road Map: Speech Therapy Lesson Plans

It’s my last week working our summer speech camps at the clinic where I work. That’s the first sign that it’s almost time to step back into the school hallways.

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Today I’m sharing my August Road Map. My Road Map series lets you peak at how I’m planning my month. My school year starts mid-august, but I know many of you already started!

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.02.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.02.28 PM

Grab my Road Map for free on Teachers Pay Teachers. What are you starting the year with?


SRN is usually a big mix of therapy ideas, materials reviews, materials I have made and whatever else randomly pops up! This week, I’m blitzing you with all the new materials I have made over the summer! It’ll be back to balanced soon, but for now prepare to be blitzed!



Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Mona says

    Can you explain more about how you plan therapy for the month? It seems like you pick one theme and then target goal areas from that? Do you plan a month at a time for therapy?

    Thanks – appreciate all you do for us and our field!!

    • 2

      adminSRN says

      Hi Mona. Yes, I do a rough plan (this road map) and then I put all these materials in a bin next to my desk. I plan mostly around the seasons. Then I pull the things out through the month. Of course, things change but I at least have a basis!

  2. 3

    Amy P says

    I also have a question. I feel like this idea would help me a lot with planning! But I have a few questions. Say for instance, on your road map, you have planned to do social thinking or a book planned. Let’s say your kiddo is artic only, do you still do the social thinking plan with them? How do you go about incorporating their goals if you do? Also, do you usually do the book activities for each group even if it’s language, artic, fluency, but just vary how you go about using it? Some examples would be great! Thanks!!

    • 4

      adminSRN says

      Let me see if I can help! Do you see how there are 4 different target areas? I would not plan to do social thinking activities with an artic only student. I would do the artic activity for that week. In mixed groups I would do a combination or do the language activity one day and the artic activity the other ( I see kids twice a week). I can use the activities to target anything by being creative. Does that make sense? Keep in mind the groups are fluid and I might end up doing something totally different if something curriculum based comes up. These are just my outline!

  3. 5

    Jamie says

    This is a great idea! For the artic only kids, can you explain how you would incorporate these books into their session? Would you read the book to them still? Thank you!

    • 6

      adminSRN says

      Hi Jamie. If you buy the companion packets the materials are built it. For example in the Take a Mouse bundle there are mouse themed artic cards. I’d read the book quickly and then drill with those cards for the rest of the week. For Elmer I would use do-a-dots with the included pages from the companion packet to get repetition of sounds. The packets are used to help you meet all those different types of goals :)

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