Elmer: Speech Therapy Book Companion

Elmer has always been one of my favorite books. The sweet message about embracing our differences is perfect for our students. I like to do it early in the year.



I also always use the Elmer book for talking about perspective taking. It’s an easy way for kids to see the difference in how Elmer sees himself versus how the other elephants see him.

This week I posted an Elmer book companion packet in my TpT store.

This packet is all in black and white for easy print and go therapy. There is no prep required. Simply run copies of the pages you wish to use with your students. Follow the directions on each page. 

Draw and Retell
Articulation Say and Color (you add 10 words for each student)
Plurals Say and Color (with pictures included)
Actions Say and Color (with picture included)
Perspective Taking: What were they thinking page
Elmer’s Day Invitation
Draw Elmer’s Feelings
Book Vocab
Color Elmer (I recommend using dot markers)
How I’m Different Worksheet
Elephant Prints GameBoard. 

This 10 page download is the perfect way to use the book Elmer for a day in speech therapy! The print and go pack makes planning a breeze. This packet is appropriate for preschool to second grade.

Elmer is a great book to pair with the game I posted back in 2012 called Trunk or Tail ! It is always a favorite of mine!



Grab the Elmer packet in my TpT shop! Let me know what you think of these black and white packets! Do you love the ‘no-prep’ sets?

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