Perspective Taking

I talk A LOT about perspective taking with my students. It’s one of the biggie social skills that my students are missing which create difficulty relating to others.

Perspective taking happens when you realize that your behaviors and words affect the feelings of those with whom you interact. You modify your language and behavior during each interaction because other people react differently.


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This week I updated my #1 TpT seller, In Your Shoes. I added two new activities. If you already own it, make sure you go back and download it to get the updates! You can find it here.



I’ll start with this packet in September. I grabbed this super cute shoe pencil case on Amazon and the book Stand In My Shoes. I also snagged these shoe shaped notebooks in my party section at Wal-Mart. I have the kids write notes/observations in them!

You can follow these affiliate links on Amazon to find all the supplies!



I also have a great packet Perspective Taking Packet for your second through seventh graders where they have to look at 6 different faces of a person to determine their reaction.


This activity targets steps 1 & 3 (as identified in the Thinking About You, Thinking About Me 2007, book by Michelle Garcia Winner). In the first activity, students will look at a photo and identify what they think/know/guess or answer structured questions to make inferences about feelings. 

In the second activity, student are presented with a mat. The mat has 6 different images for a the given situation (ie: playground, locker, teacher, video games). The students work on identifying and 
predicting how different statements might make their conversational partner feel.

If you’re looking for some ways to start talking about perspective taking with your preschoolers don’t forget about my Perspective Taking in Preschool post about the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!



Lovely comments

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    Chris says

    Hi Jenna,
    this looked so good I went ahead and ordered your packet on TpT, however, when I went to order the book on Amazon the cheapest they have it is USED at $169.00! When I called my local Barnes and Noble to get them to order it (much cheaper I assumed) they told me this book is out of print! Just FYI people will be unable to purchase the book to go with your packet.

    • 2

      adminSRN says

      Oh really Chris! Wow! Well the good news is I made the activity as a stand alone game. Then I happened upon the book so even if you didn’t find it the activity stills works! It’s not a companion to the book! Thanks for letting me know!

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