Minute to Win it: Articulation

I’m so excited to finally share this activity with you! I’m sure you’ve heard of the show Minute To Win It from NBC. I’m not a huge game show fan but this one did spark an idea for the speech room! I’ve had this idea floating in my head since the beginning of the school year, just hadn’t been able to produce it until over winter break! The concept of Minute To Win It, is doing relatively simple tasks in one minute. I thought it would make the perfect speech game!  The video above is an example of a type of challenge on the show. In my Minute to Win It: Articulation game, students combine articulation skills with silly tasks and try to complete them in one minute! If you have the January ‘blahs’ this will be just the think to cure it. 


The packet includes 11 pre-made games and blank sheets to create your own. In the picture above, I’m demonstrating a task where you say 10 artic. words and then use a straw to suck then off the table and place them on a cup. If you can complete the task in one minute, you’re the challenge champ!

I totally recommend bookmarking this countdown clock that looks like the show’s timer! It makes it seem so much more official! 


I’m guessing you’ll already have all the materials needed (see the list above), but if you don’t they are easily found at the dollar store.



The challenges vary from simple to very hard. So far my kids are loving the ‘impossible’ ones. They are so determined to beat it! Each challenge has a card like the one above. They are loving adding their name to the ‘challenge champs’ part. Every time anyone else attempts that game they see who has already won!

So how am I actually using it? I’m using the plastic shoe box to store the game in. It has all the parts, plus the challenge cards. 


I decided that the kids will use this as a reward on ‘drill days’. If they each reach a certain number of trials for that day, they will be able to pick a challenge to attempt. I placed the cover sheet and the ‘challenge of the day’ on my black cabinet. Last week, it was 150 trials (for each kid in a group of 5) to earn the chance to play. They were so motivated! I’m planning to have full ‘MTWI’ days when we’re celebrating a speech graduation, the last day of the year, etc. 


I hope your students benefit from the gross motor activities paired with articulation tasks! Let me know what your think! Find the game in my TPT store!  Leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner to get their own copy for free!!

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    Jenna, what a fantastic idea! I love incorporating ideas like this into the speech room (probably a competition between who loves them more – me or the kids!). Thanks for creating and sharing! :)

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    Anonymous says

    This is great! Sometimes artic. practice can get really boring, but this would be really motivating for a lot of my clients! -ECD

  3. 8


    I was just in an IEP meeting this week and the parent was looking for more gross motor tasks that she could pair with home studying (spelling lists, curriculum vocab, etc). This would be an awesome suggestion!

  4. 14


    You are so creative. I am so thankful I found your blog. You have been a lifesaver (or timesaver) when it comes to my planning!

  5. 15


    This looks so much fun Jenna. Kids need to get up and move, especially those boys with all the energy! Thanks also for the “reminder” to use stuffies for story retelling. I’m doing Polar Bear Polar Bear sometime this next month and between my three kids we have all the animals except for a peacock in Webkinz. cdnslp@mail.com

  6. 16

    Fides says

    Brilliant idea! Using the straw to pick up the cards is also beneficial to kids who have difficulty putting their lips together to make bilabial sounds. They get to exercise their speech muscles without even knowing it. An articulation and exercise activity all in one. I love it!

  7. 23


    I have found some that went along with certain holidays and am eagerly awaiting to not only celebrate but play MTW as well with my kids. Thanks for the ideas of storage, setting it up, etc.

  8. 27


    Jenna, this looks like a great activity! I’m always looking for ways to make artic therapy sessions more exciting, and this looks like just the thing. I think this would be both fun and motivating for all my artic kiddos, great job!

  9. 28


    One of my current goals is to increase the number of productions my clients say in a session. I love that these are all fun games that only take a minute to do at the end of a session. It is a great motivator for students and can easily be added into any session. All the supplies needed are in expensive and are small enough that can fit in my bag. Perfect for traveling SLPs! Thanks Jenna!

  10. 29

    Anonymous says

    It’s on my “want”list – would be great for my R kiddos who are bored with my current materials!

    Annette Hultman

  11. 32

    Anonymous says

    My fidgety kids would LOVE this. I also think it will go far to help kids who don’t like to lose, because you can teach them to get excited about others’ succeeding. What fun!
    Karen E. kcscholar@yahoo.com

  12. 33


    I love these minute to win it ideas, it gets kids totally involved in therapy. My students love to play basketball while practicing their articulation skills. I have a mini hoop in my classroom, that’s about four feet tall and a Super Soft Basketball. The students get to shoot hoops the number of times they say their sound correctly ( they choose, 1-5 times), or they can make up a sentence use 1-5 words containing their sound and then shoot. I think they would love your ideas.

  13. 35

    Anonymous says

    Love it! Especially the idea of reaching so many trials and then playing as a reward… lately my kiddos have been having the blahs and their number of repetitions have suffered. I bet this’ll perk them right up!

    frannievslp at gmail

  14. 37


    This is such an awesome motivator for repetitive artic days! Thanks for the idea – you are amazing at coming up with new ideas to challenge your kiddos!

  15. 40


    This activity made me laugh out loud, it looks like so much fun! Kids of all ages will love this! The students learn in so many different ways and this will get them out of their chairs! I love how you use it as a motivator also, I will definitely be trying this one! Love it…Thanks!

  16. 45


    This is such a great idea! I love how creative that you are! The kids will love this because its so fun, energetic, motivating and they have fun working on their goals!

  17. 55


    I have talked about using Minute to Win It games in therapy for a while now but never actually did anything, thanks again for doing al the brain work!

  18. 59

    Dahlia says

    I work with many children displaying ADHD , ODD and emotional/social deficits. I am always looking for new fun ways to motivate them to participate and succeed. I love this idea. There are So many ways to incorporate goals while allowing the child a sense of control, and excitement. Thank you !

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