Dino-rific: Dinosaurs in Speech Therapy



Dinosaur week has come and gone. I loved some of the dinosaur activities we did last year (seen in this post) but wanted to share the new activities.



The clinic has the awesome Dinosaur Fossils. They are from the 80’s and after much google searching I can’t find them for sale on ebay or elsewhere! They were Fisher Price. If you see a set at a garage sale buy them for me!!!! We added washi tape and wrote words on them. When the kids found the bones hidden around the playground they had to name words that rhymed with the given word.




They kids were disappointed that they didn’t have ‘dig them  up’, but hiding them around the playground worked just as well without the dirt!



It was a blast.



We have had the luck of having two SLP graduate students this summer. They made these awesome dinosaur feet to stomp out syllables!



Each footprint has dots on it. We did a lot of stomping while figuring out the correct number of syllables.



Archeologist- Jurrasic Life for Kids is a new app. It quickly became a favorite! It’s free and available on the iTunes store.


You dig out the bones and then put them together in a puzzle.

That was dinosaur week! Do you have a favorite dinosaur activity?


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    Judy Hale says

    Thank you for the app idea–it’s Dino week for me at. ESY–will use this app tomorrow!

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