Artic Chipper Chat Review

 Let’s face it. Therapy materials are an expensive necessity. I bet many of you (like me) have a tiny materials budget. When Super Duper let me pick an item to review – I tried to pick something that could give you the most bang for your buck. If your a newbie building up your therapy materials closet I think you’ll love Artic Chipper Chat. Chipper chat (I’m sure you already know!) is a game played with a magnetic wand and magnetic bingo chips. The boards contain scenes loaded with sounds. Players add chips as they find targeted pictures. When they fill their board they clear it with the magnetic wand! Here’s why I think it’s so flexible: -The app targets 12 sounds (with 450 cards). You can use the cards that come with the kit for any other game in your cabinet (Candy Land, Connect 4, etc.) If you’re just starting out and don’t own that awesome set of articulation cards yet – this can help you get by until you do! - The magnet wand is like a magic wand. The kids will work for 15 minutes during a game just for one chance to pick up their chips -You can use it very simply with preschoolers (find the rose picture) or with more complexity (name a flower that rhymes with nose) for your older students. - There are 5 game boards for each sounds. Amazing for groups! Artic Chipper Chat isn’t just for articulation! Ways to target language include: -Compare/contrast: draw two cards and name similarities and differences -Vocabulary – label the word, give a definition, name the category, name the function -Attributes: use 3 adjectives to describe your word -Simple analogies – ie: a monkey eats a banana. A rabbit eats a ____. -Phonemic Awareness – rhyming skills -Auditory processing – give verbal directions for which item to locate. -Social skills – turn taking, sharing information -Grammar – sentence structure/plurals/verb forms/conjunctions You can target many objectives with this one item! You know that’s my #1 requirement before I recommend something to you!  Have you used Artic Chipper Chat? The materials to complete this review were provided by Super Duper Inc, but all opinions are solely mine. No other compensation was offered for this review.

Lovely comments

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    My speech kids this time of year see the “cards” come out and go NO CARDS!! I even had some hidden in a caterpillar and they opened it up and went: CARDS! No. No more speech cards. LOL I think it’s JUNE.

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    I LOVE Article Chipper Chat and WH Question Chipper Chat! I agree that the gaves are very versatile, the kids love them, and the games have enough variety to keep the SLP from getting bored too!

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    Artic Chipper Chat is amazing!! I definitely use this on a daily basis with my artic kids. All of the kids love playing which makes it fun for them to practice their sounds.

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    Chris McDougall says

    I used these materials on a school internship. It is one of the first things I purchased for my new practice since it is soooo flexible. The scenes are great for target-rich extended utterances or stories too.

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