No-Glamour Vowels {review & giveaway}

When the authors of, No-Glamour Vowels, reached out asked me to review their new book from Linguisystems, I jumped at the chance. I have several children on my caseload with Childhood Apraxia of Speech working on vowels and there is a shortage of vowel materials available. The app was developed by 3 school-based SLPs. It features 188 pages plus a printable CD-ROM that includes an additional 176 printable pages of therapy materials!  The book targets 13 different vowels including short, long and diphthongs. Each vowel sounds is targeted with the following resources:

  • Vowel Information Page
  • Word List
  • Activity Ideas
  • Picture Pages

The book includes a age of mastery chart for each vowel – information I hadn’t ever had easily printed out to refer to!  Start with the vowel screener. It includes pictures and prompts that the clinician has the student repeat. Score their abilities at the word, phrase and sentence level.  The vowel information page contains information about spellings, age expectations and elicitation ideas.  The Word List is separated by structures.  The Activity Ideas are specific to the vowel. For example, playing a game with alphabet letter for the long ‘e’ sound. (9 letters of the alphabet end in the long ‘e’ sound.)  Picture cards are included for CV, CVC, CCVC, CVCC in words as well as phrase/sentences.  The book also includes extra worksheets provided on a CD. These include words sorted by syllable complexity for personalized practice. So, what’s the bottom line?  Pros: I love that No-Glamour Vowels systematically targets the vowels with careful thought to the difficulty of the words. The book divides words by their complexity (CV to CCCVC.) There are so few vowel products, so a book with enough materials to target such a variety is a asset to most any therapy closet! Cons: Although the book lists a page of activities for each vowel, I wish it had some simple worksheets to accompany each idea. That would be a huge time saver. For example, one ‘long I’ sound activity is to look at a map and talk about where you might drive.  I wish the book game with a map to use for this. If there was one activity included for each vowel those would be great ways to send home carryover work!  The book is available from Linguisystems for $43.95. It’s also available as an e-book download on the linguisystems website for 34.95 (a new feature!) Disclosure Statement: Copy of No-Glamour Vowels was provided for this review. No other compensation was provided.  The book authors, would like to give one lucky SRN reader a copy of No-Glamour Vowels! You can enter using the Rafflecopter below!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely comments

  1. 1

    jackie bryla says

    I like the extra pages on the CD….I like to use my PDF reader app and work right off of the iPad. The generalization sections are nice too :)

  2. 2


    I do not have many resources on vowels, so this would be so useful to helping me work with some of my severe phonological or apraxic kids.

  3. 14


    I like the screener, the vowel content (by word shape) and the CD that is included, making it so much easier to print.

  4. 20


    This is a one of a kind book. In all the years I have been an slp, I always struggled to create vowel materials I have never seen any materials which focus only on vowels, I think this would be a must for my materials library.

  5. 21


    The photo cards with preselected words. I think the hardest part when working on new sounds is coming up with the words that aren’t phonemically challenging!

  6. 22


    Seems like a great resource! I just graduated and didn’t really think of vowels being the “spotlight” for articulation until recently. This book would definitely be useful for a couple kiddos on my caseload =)

  7. 24


    Awesome! Like you I have many kids on my caseload that need vowel help and I too have very few materials. This would be a great addition to my room!

  8. 26


    I am most excited about the activity ideas that are specific to the vowel. My background as a CF in childhood apraxia of speech is limited and this would be a great resource to have to help with my planning. I am a big fan of linguisystems No-Glamour materials and I am sure this is just as fantastic as the others!

  9. 30


    I don’t own this book, but I really like that Linguisystems has a book that targets vowels. I’ve never seen a vowel workbook until now.

  10. 31


    I’m a fan of the No Glamour series in general, and a book that focuses on vowels is definitely useful and unique. I also like that it’s all printable. :) Crossing my fingers to win this one! :)

  11. 33


    I like that there is an e-book. Might try that this year when it comes to ordering time. I definitely will be putting this on my list as I seem to get more and more students on my caseload w/ apraxia or motor speech difficulties.

  12. 34

    Tova says

    Love the systematic approach to targeting vowels! There isn’t a lot out there on the subject.

  13. 35

    Carin says

    I am glad to see that vowels are getting this type if attention. I am PROMPT trained and vowels are a very big deal in this therapy approach. I often pull the 40,000 word book out to develop word lists based upon the vowels I am addressing. I could see this being a huge compliment to my therapy and an tremendous help in preparing homework.

  14. 36

    Anonymous says

    This is really neat! I never win anything, but just wanted to say I love the age of mastery chart and screener as well as the activity ideas. Great find!

    -Miss Vee

  15. 40

    Anonymous says

    I love the picture cards and the inclusion of the CD for easy printing. Thanks for the helpful review!
    Natalie S

  16. 48


    This looks like a great resource for my caseload with children with hearing loss for vowel speech perception and then production.

  17. 49

    Anonymous says

    I love that I would be able to open up pages via pdf and use them on my iPad.
    Tracey Froemke
    tracey dot froemke at sendit dot nodak dot edu

  18. 51

    Katrina says

    I completely agree with your review. There are hardly any materials for vowels, yet you still have to do a lot of the work on your own with this book it seems for the activities. Thanks for the review!

  19. 53


    I love that the book divides the words up according to difficulty. I also just love the fact that it’s a whole book devoted for vowel-work!

  20. 59


    I love that it has vowel word lists broken down by structure! I agree with you that some simple homework sheets to accompany the activities would have been great – best progress happens when there is follow through outside of the therapy session:)

  21. 67

    Anonymous says

    This would be an awesome resource to have, especially for my kiddos working on CVC and CVCV words!

  22. 68


    I love the CD-rom so that you can print items at your leisure…as well as the screener to help facilitate what you shoudl work on.

  23. 69


    I really like the printable CD, so much easier to travel from school to school with a CD than a workbook

  24. 74


    Thanks for the review – this is awesome! I am working on vowels with several kiddos now, and there are not enough resources out there, for sure! I especially love the age of mastery chart – I don’t have anything like that right now. :)

  25. 75

    Katie Squires says

    Love the word lists divided by syllable structure! This looks awesome! Thanks for reviewing!

  26. 83


    This is a great resource for vowels, been eyeing it for awhile. Thanks for the giveaway! This would be helpful for my ELs

  27. 84


    I like the look of those generalisation passages! Also, that the authors have been so conscious of phonotactic structure is a great feature.

  28. 86

    Rayla Voigtlander says

    I work exclusively in a pre-k blended program and have several children who would benefit from this material. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win one!

  29. 87

    Rayla Voigtlander says

    My favorite feature of the book, as reviewed, would be the lists and the printable sheets.

  30. 88

    Heather says

    This would be perfect for some of my kids. I’m always looking for good resources. I’m a CF and don’t have many materials at my school.

  31. 90

    Anonymous says

    I like the vowel screener and the word lists. This looks like a great resource!

  32. 91


    I LOVE the vowel screener, printables, and overall guidance of the book. I have had great success with No-Glamour products before and would love to try their vowel book!

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