Carrotville: Spring Grammar Games

I’ve been living in Carrotville for a few weeks now. No, that doesn’t mean I’m on some weird juice diet where I eat only carrots. It just means I found this amazing spring clipart and have been working on this spring grammar activity. Pack your bags and head to Carrotville This 30 page download features Carrotville, a nice little town where bunnies live and play. It features homes, apartments, a grocery store and even a bunny barbershop!  The activities center around the Carrotville board game. Two ways to play are included. The first option features specific skill development, while the second features carryover of grammar skills by targeting mixed stimulus cards.                                       Game point and score cards are included.  Each type of building corresponds to a grammar activity to complete. When students land on a building they answer the corresponding questions. Included: •Subjective & Possessive Pronouns (24 multiple choice) •Irregular Plurals (18 sentence completion) •Irregular Verbs (18 multiple choice) •Helping Verbs (24 fill in is/are/has/have) •3rdPerson Singular (18 multiple choice) •Special Cards (12 includes)                                                                              I finally got this one laminated to test it out before sharing it with you this week. The kids thought Carrotville was hilarious! Here are some shots from our game!  You can find the full download in my TPT Store! Let me know if you download it! Leave a comment below if you’d like to win a copy and I’ll pick a winner later this week!

Lovely comments

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    love it!, super cute packet with all the grammar basics. I always have a few kiddos working on these skills so a very practical packet to have.

  2. 15


    This is a great way to nod to the Easter Bunny while being culturally sensitive and not making it an Easter game (nothing against Easter games!). Grammar is such a drag for so many of the kids I see. I really love these games where they can forget for a minute that we’re working on grammar and have fun. I also think it’s great for scaffolding and working on other skills such as auditory comprehension. You can remove the card and read it to the child to elliminate the binary choices as well. Overall, fantastic new game. My purchases on your TPT site are starting to make a dent in my budget, lol! That’s a good thing. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. 21


    Another wonderful packet! These graphics are so cute and if this packet is anything like your Lucky Grammar it is sure to be fantastic!

  4. 33


    I love it!!! I’d love to win because it is spring themed without being too springy! ;) speechforme at gmail

  5. 35


    This looks cute, fun and creative as well. Works on every area of grammar we usually need and even includes a score sheet. I will add this to my collection for sure. Not too specific and can be used now til summer.

  6. 36

    Anonymous says

    I love all your materials! You are so creative, I just wish I had the time to create such fun games :) I work with a large population of students whose primary language is Spanish and they would definitely benefit from using materials such as this. ~ Natalie

  7. 38


    I see your facebook links to your blog pop up on my newsfeed daily but just recently have they started to REALLY catch my attention. I graduate in April from my master’s program and as an SLP just starting out, I will be low on materials and looking hard for great ideas like this one that include so many different targets. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  8. 47

    Sharon Blievernicht says

    How cute! I’m always looking for fun new ways to incorporate grammar activities into therapy, and this is great! I love all your work, you’re so creative. Thank you!

  9. 48

    Anonymous says

    Jenna – you continue to amaze me with your creative and fun ideas! I’ve been using your St. Patty’s day activities this week, and the kiddos just love them! Thanks for being so creative, and for sharing your ideas with us! Keep up the great work, and I hope my students and I can win a trip to Carrotville!
    Natalie S.

  10. 49


    My students will love this. I was just thinking that my materials were getting a bit stale and this will be a great “spark” to get my students to want to work on their grammatical skills. Very talented and creative person. :)

  11. 52

    Hannah C says

    This is so cute! And, of course, the areas you’re targeting are great. I would love to win a copy =)

  12. 53


    Oh I bet my kids would love visiting Carrotville. You have covered a great range of grammatical concepts. I’d love to win this!

  13. 62


    Once again, just an ADORABLE activity! Loving the graphics! Very happy to see the several grammar activities b/c this is a very common deficit among my middle school students. I would love to be able to have a copy of this to use! Thanks again for all your hard work!

  14. 66


    How cute! It would be perfect for our gardening unit we do in a theme-based program. We are about to begin planting seeds for the unit. I’d love these activities to add. Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. 80

    Julie says

    I always go to Speech Room News Ideas. You get soooo creative. Thanks for thinking of ideas that are new!

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