Talking Train & Fun Timer {app reviews & giveaway}

All4mychild is a group of professionals that includes 2 SLPs and an OT. Meghan contacted me a while back to review their two new apps. The ladies at All4mychild are the creators of the Social Adventures app I reviewed last year. Fun Timer ($1.99) Fun timer is used to motivate students to complete tasks in a timely manner. The premise of the app is to show them the desired object (recess, toys, books, etc.) Then have the student start the task they need to complete (ie: 20 articulation cards). If the student gets off topic, press the START button. The image at the center of the clock will start to disappear. This represents that if they students waste time, they are losing time in their desired activity. When the students resume the desired activity, press the stop button. When you press the stop button, the picture resets. I wish the app would just freeze. Students who are saavy enough realize they can just start the picture back over Talking Train ($2.99) is an app for story telling and sequencing that features a train. Hello, my name is Jenna and 2/3 of my caseload is obsessed with trains. Start by tapping the engine. Add the topic or the Title here. Add to the story by tapping each car to add story parts. At the end of the story, type the microphone icon and record the story. Other features include the steam puff, that appears if you touch the sky. Use that to encourage anything you’re working on with the child (asking, answering questions or articulation) If you tap the ‘go’ button the train will move down the train track. While I can use the story-telling activities for my elementary students, I immediately started thinking about the other skills I can use it for with my train loving students!  For articulation, we were working on the /k/ sound. We drew pictures in each box of words with our sounds in the initial, medial and final position! Other ideas that Meghan told me about and I loved: Personal narratives for kiddos (main idea with 3 details), conversation skills in our groups (asking friends questions to fill in a train car, can add “puffs of smoke when other kids ask a question or make a comment), visual schedules (drawing or importing pictures of the plan), categorization (big train car: fruit, little cars generate apple, banana, pear), syllable sequencing (tapping each car for bee-bee-boo, or even drawing saying nonsense syllables), etc.  You can email the visual and send voice (to parents/caregivers, other team members) which is great to use to send home home programming and/or a note home after sessions with what we have done.  Pros: My students are totally loving all things trains. Thanks to Thomas and Chugginton.  I can use this for anything! Cons: I wish the Fun Timer game would allow me to stop and and re-start with the same picture. Disclosure Statement: These apps were provided in order to be reviewed. No other compensation was provided. Now let’s get to that giveaway! 3 lucky SRN readers will win Talking Train. Just enter using rafflecopter below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely comments

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    Moe says

    My students would LOVE the talking train! I would use it for articulation and sequencing.

  2. 11


    Like you mentioned I think sequencing would be great. I also think artic modeling would be a great think to try but what I am really interested in trying in I have a student with autism that loves trains. It would be great to see if I could get more imitative and expressive language out of him with an app like this.

  3. 13


    I agree, sequencing and artic practice. I have a young student with autism who loves the ipad and we could use it for expressive language.

  4. 16


    I am impressed by the number of uses for the app. I would be especially interested in using if for story telling and discussing main idea vs. details…thanks so much for the review!

  5. 18


    I’d use both for a little motivation on one hand and maybe work some of it into articulation time and some receptive language play.

  6. 20


    I would use it for sequencing, topic maintaince, articulation (writing words in each and the student comes up with a sentence containing all the words).. lots of ideas!

  7. 22


    This looks like a great app and very versatile – would love it for articulation and story sequencing and love the idea for doing main idea and details too! Helen

  8. 25


    Like many SLP’s much of my caseload is little boys fascinated with trains (and a few little girls as well). All of the ideas listed would be great, especially sequencing and specific articulation activites.

  9. 27


    I would love this – I have several students who love trains. Also many students who need work on sequencing that this would be a great visual for.

  10. 28


    Wow! I like the Fun App Timer. This will sure to motivate the students in learning classes. Plus, the design is also child friendly. However, if you’re a mommy or daddy who have lots of tasks to do, you can use Clear Timer App. It is a new App and is already available in Itunes. I was so happy that I can schedule and run timers here. Itunes Page

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