Speech Tube: You Tube Companion Worksheets for Speech and Language

Do your students come into the speech room and put their heads down on the desk? This used to happen with my middle school students every week. They were NOT happy to come to speech. I was feeling pretty defeated. I knew we weren’t making progress very quickly partly due to the fact that my students were not engaged. So, one week I pulled out my iPhone and let them watch a popular You Tube clip. After 3 minutes of laughing and watching clips, I was able to get them to work for the next 30 minutes on our speech and language goals related to the video. Since then, I’ve been finding ways to spark their interest with video clips! This packet is 88 pages. It features 6 different pre-made lessons plus one blank set that you can customize to work with any clip. I use these lesson with middle school students with cognitive disabilities, and upper elementary students with language impairments. There are activities for grammar, language, inferencing, comprehension, articulation, and social goals included. I use these companion sheets with upper elementary and middle school students. I start our therapy session by showing the YouTube clip on my iPad or computer. You can access the video easily by scanning the QR code with a QR code scanning app. We usually watch the video twice. Then we use the discussion questions. Some student groups write their answers while other groups just use them as discussion topics. Continue through the worksheets that are appropriate with your students. Each page has the QR code at the top of the page so that students can access the video later. -Comprehension/Conversation probes -Vocab Matching -Vocab sentence generation -Articulation word recording -Articulation word sentences -Parts of speech search -Story Grammar Graphic Organizer -Write a Review -Summary -Start a conversation -Describe and Draw the Character We have moved through each of these different videos and they were a LOT of fun. 7th grade approved :) The graphic organizer with story elements is a huge help when we need to write summaries. They help us be more independent and that goes a long way for success! I personally love the ‘rate it’ page! The kids happen to love the character description page! Their art is so fun! Just can’t get enough of those face drawings! Sequencing! Social conversation starters. One more rating :) Warning: Each YouTube clip is appropriate for school. Unfortunately we cannot control what ads are included on the pages when you open the video. Please use EXTREME caution when using this site with your students. I use the iPad so I can hide the screen until I have cued up the video and have placed it in expanded view Please screen each video before you show it. The authors of the channels are in control of the content. If they change the video in any way I do not have control of what is posted. The videos included are meant to be entertaining. They should be screened by the SLP for appropriateness for each student. You will need access to You Tube to use these items. Please make sure this site is not blocked by your school before purchase. You can find the Speech Tube Packet in my TpT store. It will be on sale for the first few hours! So tell me, how else are you engaging those middle schoolers?

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    Anonymous says

    Wow this is so awesome. Thank you thank you!!!! I serve the K-8 population. The middle schoolers are new to me and I have the most difficult time coming up with engaging activities for them. I literally spend hours and hours searching for something that gives me an idea. There are little resources out there for this population. Please continue! :)

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    That’s very creative! I’m a private SLP in Wellington, New Zealand and I deal with quite a few teens. I can empathise with your challenges in keeping them interested! Technology definitely helps.

    My approach to keeping teens and pre-teens engaged relies heavily on the use of iPad apps – that’s an obvious one. Another useful trick that might be less obvious is to use your tablet or smartphone’s built in video recorder – playing back samples of their speech seems to be quite novel for many youngsters and certainly keeps them interested :-)


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