Kindergarten Screenings

It’s that time of year! You know, the “I switched districts and didn’t bring my Kindergarten screening forms from the last district because I figured the new one would have their own” time. Turns out my new district doesn’t do universal Kindergarten except in one building I DO need to do them. And no one seems to have any forms.

So I asked all my friends in the district and I asked some of my blogging buddies. No one had what I needed so I sat down and whipped something up.

photo 3-001

I posted in on TpT for sale in case you need it too! I only have 5 minutes with the students so I will fly through these evals! I wanted to have enough information to make decisions about who should be re-screened but also be mindful of that time limit!





You will print one copy of the record form for each student. You obviously don’t need to go through every question on the form if you don’t have time.


Skills targeted: personal information, categories, basic concepts, inferencing, WH questions, word naming, vocabulary, antonyms, grammar, object functions, utterance length. Speech screening includes the following sounds: F, V, K, G, H, W, Y, J, SH, CH, L, NG, R, S, Z, voiced and voiceless TH, S blend, L blend, R blend, and Multisyllabic Words. Most sounds are targeted in the initial and final position (except voiced TH, NG, H, Y).




As I screen kids, I also start a list of those who need to be rescreened in the Fall.




You will print two color pages to work at the screening tool for students to look at during testing. Above is the articulation prompts.




Above are the language screening pictures.

photo 2-001

I printed the two pages and glued them into a file folder. Laminate the whole thing and you will be all set!



You can grab the items on TpT in my shop. Let me know if you use it!

Lovely comments

    • 2

      adminSRN says

      I think a lot of district use the Fluharty! Since I didn’t have access to that I had to make something else!

  1. 3


    We used to use the Speech-Ease Screening, but switched to the PLS-Screen. We also used to do them in the Spring, but this year switched to when we come back for the new year.

  2. 4

    Annie Polizzi Doyle says

    I really like this. I have been using a screening tool I created several years ago, but I like the way yours is organized. I’m on a spending freeze (I am out of control :-), but I think I might just grab this one!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 5

    Courtney says

    Thanks for posting – can’t wait to buy this! Do you use any screening tools for older students (1st-5th)? If so, do you have a general screening tool or individual by grade? Thanks!

  4. 8

    Gwyn says

    Jenna, I have a question. How is your district qualifying students in the Kinder 1st grade range that are artic/language but also low academically. I have a sped team wanting me to look at these students as Speech Only, and kinda gloss over the academics because they are so new, and we don’t have a big enough body of evidence to qualify them. The team is also very reluctant to use the DD. I’d love your advice and guidance. Thanks!

    • 9

      adminSRN says

      That’s always a tough call. We can’t use DD except in preschool. I find we have the best luck when we bring kids through our IAT (intervention assistance team) and use an RtI approach. I make all the language referrals move through that program.

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