Popping into speech

The Dino Popper made an appearance in my summer camp this month. I thought I’d share some details about him due to the positive response on my instagram account!



The animal poppers are little animals that hold balls in their mouth. When you squeeze they shoot out across the room. We used the dino popper during dinosaur week to practice our letters and then aim at  certain ones.

These poppers are a big hit for me. I just always leave one in my bag and one in each speech office!

You can use the popper to develop general expressive language in your little clients. Spread out artic cards on the floor and aim at them. Follow multi-step directions for shooting the popper (ex. sit down on the floor and then shoot.) To work on categories name 5 category members to earn the 5 different balls. Shoot the popper and then make a sentence to describe what happened. “The ball bounced off the cabinet and landed under the computer.” You just targeted positional concepts, past tense verbs, and sentence structure at once! The opportunities are endless!


I have this dino popper.

I also have the pig popper. He is just adorable.

There are several other varieties including a shark, sock monkey, aliens, cat, dog, cow, and more!

Follow my affiliate links above to find the popper of your dreams!

Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Erin G says

    I just heard about these at a conference and picked up two at yard sales. They were 25 cents each at the yard sale. (I’d say they didn’t know what they had)

  2. 2


    I have the pig popper. We have so much fun with him in therapy. Half the fun is finding all the “popped balls”…. It’s under the table, it’s behind the chair etc! Lots of ways to incorporate them into sessions.

  3. 3


    Hi Jenna! Wonderful ideas! I am a music teacher in your district (my friend Tina works at your school) and love reading about other classrooms in the district! Hope you’re enjoying your summer. :)

  4. 4

    Amy P says

    Just bought the Penguin and orange Monster after seeing your post. Love them! Can’t wait to use them once school begins

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