WH Questions Mega Bundle


I spent the morning in my new office today. I’m starting to wonder how many ‘new’ offices I’ll have in my lifetime as an SLP. 10, 20, more? I’m up to 7 offices in 5 years, not counting my clinic offices!


I wanted to pop in and share a new set from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have been meaning to make a full set of WH Questions activities. I’ve always had a hodgepodge of cards and materials. I bought a TON of clip art to make all these visually appealing and universal in images! I know I will use them a ton with my preschoolers. I’m excited to have them all prepped and ready.



The WH Questions Mega Bundle is designed for SLPs working with children ages 3 and up. The packet includes the following activities: 

1. WH Question Poster and student strips. 
2. WH Question Books. Mini booklet explaining each WH question type and giving example questions. Each of these books are in color or black and white. 
3. WH Question Scenes. Four color scenes and accompanying questions. 


4. Interactive Question Books. Two levels of difficulty. In level one, circle the correct answer for two given choices. In level two, the SLP provides pictures cut out and the student matches them to the correct placement in the book. 
5. WH Question Cards: 100 WH cards with pictures (who, what, when, where, why).
6. All about me WH worksheet 
7. Dot Pages: 3 worksheets that feature people and places for WH question practice and 10 do-a-dot spots. 

This download is 65 pages in length.

You can grab the download in my Teachers Pay Teachers’s store.  Let me know how you like it!

If you’d like to win your own copy, enter the rafflecopter below!

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Lovely comments

  1. 1

    Shannan says

    I have several incoming K students with answering WH question goals this year that this would be great for! I love that it targets wh question understanding with so many varied tasks and at increasing levels of difficulty. Awesome product that I’d love to win!

  2. 2

    Valerie says

    I want this because I have MANY students on my caseload with goals addressing wh-questions.

  3. 5

    Elizabeth says

    Just got back into schools from being in a private practice and could use all the materials I can get! Love the different formats.

  4. 6

    Barb rolls says

    Almost all my kids have wh question goals of one kind or another. This would save a lot of time. Thanks for the offer.

  5. 11

    Sharon Swindell says

    So many of my kiddos are working on WH comprehension and this bundle covers so much!

  6. 13

    Jessica says

    This looks amazing! I have several students working on wh questions and I think they would love this!

  7. 16

    Odie Keith says

    Oh my gosh!! This is such a great bundle!! It is so cute too ! I would use this with so many of my kids! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  8. 19

    Andrea says

    I officially start next Monday for the first time ever and would to have this for my little guys! Iam doing transitional kinder and kinder SLP!

  9. 20

    Melissa says

    I am just starting in a school system after working for the past 8 years in the Early Intervention setting. I have no school aged materials and honesty don’t even know what school in the district I will be at!!! Having something like this would be a great addition to my currently empty material stash!

  10. 21

    Jordan says

    I am always looking for great WH question materials and this one looks FABULOUS! Over half of the kids on my caseload have and WH question related goal! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! :)

  11. 29

    Amanda says

    I work with mostly preschoolers, which means WH questions ALL DAY!! I could use this bundle IMMEDIATELY!

  12. 30

    Lauren schultz says

    This is perfect for my little ones. I love that it has interactive parts to the story to get the kids more involved and keep their attention. I also like the scenes with the questions!

  13. 34

    Sabrina Eskridge says

    I am a brand new CF in a school setting this fall! My caseload consists of 3 year olds to 21 year olds with lots of WH- questions. All of your materials are so brilliant and I would love to have this bundle to add to my materials!

  14. 37

    Brooke says

    I just got a bunch of new kids on my caseload with wh questions. These will be a great addition to my therapy cart! They will get so much use!

  15. 38

    Stacey Parks says

    I want this because after not working with school age kids for a while, I am again covering an elementary school caseload. Your materials are always so helpful to me and the students really enjoy them!

  16. 39

    Kim Hovey says

    I not only want this, I NEED this! Working with preschoolers, I constantly target question forms. This is a nice resource–everything goes together and is coordinated.

  17. 40

    Nikki says

    I’m excited to see preschool-age material, as most of what I have is geared toward a slightly older demographic.

  18. 43

    Bethany says

    What a great bundle! I would use this product everyday since WH questions are such a common IEP goal with my little guys! Thanks for always making such useful and adorable materials!

  19. 44

    Amanda says

    This bundle looks awesome! I’m new to the site and to teachers pay teachers. I would love to start with this pack!!! So many of my kids would be able to use this.

  20. 45

    Tiffany says

    I work in a residential school for students with autism and so many of the students on my caseload are working on WH-questions. This would be a great addition to my material collection!

  21. 46

    Marya says

    I have lots of preschool and kindergarten students working on Wh questions. Your packet looks fun and interesting for the little ones. I also work in two different buildings and I like how they can be made into mini booklets and the sentence strips are always helpful.

  22. 47

    Laura M says

    A large number of my students have difficulty understanding and answering questions. They, as well as I, enjoy having a large variety of ways to practice and learn the skills needed to accurately and appropriately answer questions. Your materials are motivating to my students. They love the visuals! I hope I can have this in my arsenal of materials this year!

  23. 48

    Jean Fisher says

    This would be something I could use all the time. I have so many students who are working on WH questions and I love to have a variety of ways to address these skills. This bundle looks AWESOME and would be a great addition to my resources!

  24. 50


    I would love to have this pack. I work with a small group of kids who have really complex language difficulties. I love the way the pack breaks down each type of question, and that there are so many different ways to do the work. That’s perfect for making sure the therapy is constantly changing and engaging. Thanks for this chance, as always Jenna!

  25. 51

    Linzi Cobb says

    I find myself targeting wh-questions several times a week in therapy and would love this packet to target this one concept in so many creative ways!

  26. 52

    Amanda Kinsey says

    I have so many kids with this as a goal this year! This looks like an amazing resource to use!

  27. 55

    Crystal says

    These are adorable!! Where do you get your clip art? What programs do you use to make your templates?

  28. 56

    Janessa says

    This would be a fantastic tool to use with the younger students on my caseload who need to target ‘wh’ questions.

  29. 58

    Erica says

    I have many students on my caseload working on WH questions. I love all your materials.

  30. 60

    Heather says

    This set looks amazing! I want it because almost every preschooler on my caseload works on WH questions in some form or other. It would be a huge benefit to my kiddos!

    Thanks for offering it!

  31. 61

    Mary says

    I have many kids on my caseload working on WH questions. This would be a great resource to have!

  32. 65

    Alyssa says

    I just graduated in May and am being my CF this week. I have close to zero materials (which is very overwhelming I might add hahaha) This bundle would be a great start for me!! A bunch of my kiddios are working on WH question and would greatly benefit from this packet!! :)

  33. 66

    Sam lynch says

    I have so many K4 and K5 students working on this skill, it looks like a must have! Not to mention all of the cute colors and pictures :) they’ll love it!

  34. 67

    Leslie says

    I am always looking for new activities to target WH questions! Great looking product!

  35. 69

    Seth says

    I want this because I have never been disappointed by anything you create! More ‘wh’ question materials are always needed.

  36. 71

    Meghan says

    My kiddos almost all have wh questions as a goal. What a great way to target these goals.

  37. 72

    Carly says

    I have so many students that struggle with wh- questions. I think that having the visuals that this packet offers would be fantastic!

  38. 75

    Jess Krob says

    I don’t think you can ever have too many materials for WH questions! :) Thanks for offering a free copy!

  39. 76

    Janna says

    This fall I begin my offsite clinic placement at an elementary school. I’m not sure what my case load will be, but I’m sure I’ll be able to put this awesome packet to use.

  40. 78

    Amanda says

    As a CF starting next week it would be awesome to have something quick to grab that addresses so many different goals.

    Love this.

  41. 82


    I have three full days of PreK this school year! I can’t wait to play with the little ones!! This would be a great addition to my PreK materials.
    Thanks so much!

  42. 83

    Rebecca says

    I would love something like this to work with my ASD and Life Skills students. This would also help my own son learn to answer wh questions.

  43. 84

    Paula Friedrichs says

    My Functional Applied Academics students struggle with questioning. This would help me help them!

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