Angry Birds Invade the Speech Room

Part of engaging the little guys we work with everyday, is finding things they are interested in. Most of my students love to play angry birds, so we had angry birds week in The Speech Room! It looked a little something like this… It went a little something like this… Angry Birds War This game is played just like the card game war. Students split the cards and flip them one at a time. The more powerful Angry Bird wins the hand and the cards. Students use the ‘winning hand’ cheat sheet. We used this activity for articulation and language students after each turn, and as a quick 3 minute reward game at the end of our speech time for older kids. DOWNLOAD IT HERE. We have played lots of Angry Birds Space! Angry Birds with the EET. (If you don’t have the EET – Find out about it here… I would highly recommend it!) The students selected one angry bird to complete the EET about. We then turned it into a narrative or persuasive writing activity. Adjective Angry Birds Because the birds can’t always be angry!  After we talked about adjectives and generated a list on the board, we each picked an adjective for our bird. We then worked on writing sentences, describing the bird or whatever else they need individually. In this example, the student needs to work on sequencing and using transition words, so we told how the bird went from angry to stinky! Yesterday my bird… Many of my students are working on verb tenses. We wrote sentences about what the birds might have done yesterday today and tomorrow. Then the kids highlighted the verbs. DOWNLOAD these writing sheets HERE. Sticker Stories One last writing activity involved a package of Angry Birds stickers (mine are from Wal-Mart). I let the kids pick a few stickers and develop a story about them. This was my example. You can make it work for basically any goal !! Building Angry Birds Just for fun we decided to make the speech room into  the real life angry birds game! We used some green cups to represent the pigs! The kids earned the cups throughout their session and then we spend the last 3 minutes stacking them and knocking them over with my little angry bird. The most exciting thing about him is he makes noise! The red angry bird is from Wal-Mart (don’t tell the kids I got it in the pets dept!) This was SUCH a fun week, and I have a feeling the kids will be asking for more angry birds days :) Other SRN Angry Bird download include Conversation Starters and Angry Birds Executive Functioning! If you read this post – send it to a colleague. Become a follower. Leave me a comment. And have fun with it!

Lovely comments

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    This is awesome! All my students want to do is work to earn 3 minutes of angry birds on the iPad at the end of the session. They will LOVE these activities to go along with that!

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    I am just finishing up Angry Birds week with my kiddos and they LOVED it! Thank you so much for keeping all of your materials FREE! I have enjoyed using many of your materials.

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    This is a great idea! I would like to incorporate Angry Birds somehow into therapy for narrative telling skills for a school age child. Any suggestions?? I like the telling a story using the stickers so I will possibly use that as well.

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    Played Angry Birds War tonight and absolutely loved it! I am putting together an Angry Birds post in a few days and will include a link to your site. Thanks for sharing!

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    The green cups came from walmart. In the birthday party favor isle, they have solid colored cups and plates. They are bigger than Dixie cups, but smaller than solo cups.

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    Your blog is amazing! I’m so glad to have found it! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into it. Haven’t found a better “speechie” website out there :)

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    Hey girl! I saw your idea…it’s brilliant and had to try it! The kids had a ball and so many good things to say! Even the reinforcement…the angry bird tower…brought about such great language. We talked about where the birds were( in the tower), “in the middle, on top, etc.” how the tower was getting taller and taller, and how we built smaller towers beside the big one. Many kids asked for more cups in sentences and even picking up the cups brought about opportunities to talk about who picked up the most cups…not to mention my kiddies just LOVED the angry birds toys that actually talk themselves…got them at Costco…Jenna you re amazing!

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    My students LOVED this! They asking me where I got the cards and want me to make a copy of the game for them :) Thanks for all your amazing posts.

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    Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. Has a week went by in the last several that I have not been here to tell you you had a *most clicked* post at my linky party? Well…this week you got #1 AND number two! No joke. A speech rock star is what you are!

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the ideas! I did an Angry Birds Live! party for my connection class at church, but thought it would be fun to bring the games to the speech room and incorporate them as well as some other activities. Loved your resources and plan to use them next week. Thanks!

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    Hi Jenna,

    I’ve got the toy, cups, and your cheat sheets ready to go but I can’t find the cards. The ones I saw at Amazon are different. I looked at Walmart on-line and they had the other (different) set as well. I’m wondering if you made yours, or they just may be an item that is no longer sold.

    Love you blog, This is my 21st year as an SLP and I’m still making and collecting new materials to keep thing fresh and exciting. Thanks for making it so easy for us by posting your hard work on the net!
    Marilyn Muir

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    We are doing an Angry Birds week and my kids love your card game! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. This is a keeper!

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    My students are loving Angry Birds. Thanks for letting us know that you got your Angry Bird at Walmart. It made it so easy to find :-)
    Thanks for all of your great ideas!

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    Anonymous says

    I just stumbled on to this link- although I’ve been following your blog for several months. I love the Angry Birds idea- whenever I get my iPad out for kids to use, they always ask “are we going to play Angry Birds?”. The answer is usually no, but now they can!
    However, I tried the link for the writing pages and it says there’s an error….

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      Hi There. there seems to be a problem with google docs. I can see the items but I heard that others are having problems. Try signing into your google or gmail before you download it.

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    I love it! Starting up with a 4 year old, artic kiddo, and he LOVES star wars and angry birds. Will definitely be using this idea with the cups and angry bird in therapy. Thanks!

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    Anonymous says

    I just wanted to pop in and say, I am the Mom of a 9 year old Aspie who LOVES Angry Birds (it’s one of his obsessions) and your printables are wonderful! Thanks so much!

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    Crystal says

    Love this idea! Thank you for sharing, I know a lot of my students will enjoy this activity.


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