Two Million {a giveaway}

It’s a day for celebrating! During this week Speech Room News passed 2 million views!  Say What? 2,000,000 That’s two million times you visited for products, reviews, ideas or just to see my smiling face on the side bar. Whatever made you click on over, THANKS, so much :)  So, we just have to celebrate that! Since we can’t get together for happy hour or some geeky SLP laminating party…. I’ll just throw a giveaway.  I will select two people to win a $10 TpT gift certificate! Just enter via rafflecopter below! Thanks for letting me share my passion with you here in this community!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely comments

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    Whoo hoo! Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment! I’d love to go broke on laminating and ink by winning!!!!

  2. 6


    WOW, way to go, Jenna!! I like the social skills perspective-taking activities (i.e., Yellow Brick Road). Big thanks to you!!

  3. 15


    Congrats on 2,000,000!!! I like when you share what you did in therapy for the day. I have purchased some fun games and of course, LOVE the materials you make. Thank you!

  4. 17


    Congrats! I loved your 3 for me carryover idea. I played it with one of my artic kiddos and the next session he was asking for it again!

  5. 18


    I love all the materials you make and how you offer suggestions for manipulating the materials/activities for different students

  6. 27


    Congrats, Jenna! I don’t know how you do it all – you’re amazing. Thanks for sharing so many of your WONDERFUL ideas! I love your posts on classroom organization, reward systems, etc. I’ll be a CFY in the schools next year & will need some help setting up MY speech room!

  7. 30


    I love checking out your blog site and seeing your organization. I bought one of those dollar store flower pinwheels and was thinking of using it for my artic kids as well having each color be a different requirement…whisper, baby voice, number of times, in a sentence, etc. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

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    Linven says

    It is hard to pick a favorite, I appreciate all the app reviews and ideas. Really loved the Christmas catalog packet. Thank you for all the materials and ideas provided!

  9. 39


    I love your book companions! They are so great and cover so many different areas that I can use it with most of my students! thanks!

  10. 40


    It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but BAZINGA, book companions, angry birds, Candyland and pirate theme are all in the running for #1.

  11. 43


    Thanks for all of your ideas and resources! You are one of the reasons I am on TPT sharing my ideas and materials! Thanks!

  12. 46


    I think it’s awesome when you have one theme with several different packets that target different skills (artic, grammar, social, etc.) – people can pick what they need or get it all. The varying topics help so much for planning since one size does not fit all!

  13. 47

    Maggie Lewis says

    I love when you compile a list of activities for a theme from different places. It helps me find new people and new products. i also love how your previews of products include so many details and examples from real-life use! Thanks for everything and contratulations!!!

  14. 48


    Yours is the first SLP blog I stumbled upon and it has led me to so many other wonderful SLP blogs. I have always said that I would love to sit on on some of my colleagues sessions as a way to get new ideas and the blogs/TpT have allowed me to do that without taking time away from my students. Thanks Jenna!

  15. 51


    I absolutely love your preschool packs!! The CandyLand preschool packets were wonderful!! I would love to see more items like that!! I love your book companions as well!! Congrats on 2 million!!

  16. 52


    I love so many things that come from your blog/work, but I really loved when you put together the TPT list of SLPs. I found so many more SLPs to follow and find even more materials.

  17. 55


    How could I ever pick what my favorite is? I’ll just say that this week I’ve been using multisyllable gamballs and one of your book companion packs. Awesome!

  18. 57


    The CandyLand packets are my favorite – I think that was the first thing I ever bought on TpT! Congrats and keep up the awesome work!!!

  19. 58


    Just one…how about two (of many!) CandyLand – I think I have them all! and appreciate all of your app reviews – I am always hesitant to spend money on apps when I don’t know much about them – your reviews are always so thorough!

  20. 63


    Everything you share with us is wonderful. Can’t thank you enough! so far, my most favorite thing has been the Yellow Brick Road social thinking packet. So creative!

  21. 65

    Lisa Reyes says

    Congratulations! My most recent favorite was your apraxiaville review. I really love all of your app reviews! They are so insightful!

  22. 71


    Congrats! It’s so hard to choose what is my favorite as I have so many. I guess I’d go with the book companions.

  23. 73


    WOWWW !! That’s amazing!! Congrats- you’re an inspiration to all of us fellow SLP bloggers!
    -Mia from puttingwordsinyourmouth :)

  24. 74


    I LOVE the book companions! So versatile, functional, and appropriate for my language groups from PreK-1st grade. The kids have loved them, too!

  25. 77

    Lisa jones says

    I like all the app reviews that you do. Its really hard to know which apps to buy without trying them first and this helps!

  26. 82


    Congrats Jenna on your 2 million views!!! Your blog is the FIRST blog I ever followed and still one of my favorites! Your posts, ideas, reviews and activity packs have made a tremendous impact on my therapy over the last year and a half! I also think I may have an SLP blog addiction since your tutorial post on Flipboard (one of my fave posts). What a great way to read blogs:) Thank you for all you do and congrats again!!

  27. 84


    Congrats, Jenna! What a great accomplishment! I love the Candyland sets (and everything else!)

  28. 89


    Congrats! I appreciate every SLP in the online community! I crave the ideas and rely on the advice from all of you!

  29. 91


    Love Love your blog! I have been using your token/chip idea and explained it to include behavior not just artic and language carry over. :-D BEST thing I ever did!

  30. 93


    Congrats! I can’t pick just one, but two that come to mind right now are Candyland and Angry Birds posts. Thank you for all of your information and advice!

  31. 94


    Yay for you and your awesome blog! My favorite resource (this past week) has been your list of SLPs on TpT. I’m finishing my CF so I’ve been scouring your list to build up my activity arsenal!

  32. 97


    I have gotten so many fun ideas for therapy that it is hard to pick just one. I think one that my students love is the Bazinga game that I made. Personally I loved the directions for setting up and using Flipboard. It is an app that I use all the time now.

  33. 99


    It’s tough to choose which idea or activity I like the best! I like the holiday social skills, the ways to use gameboards in the classroom, angry birds, Phineas and Ferb inference and your encouragement! Congratulations on having 2 million page views! I know I’ve shared your blog with many of my coworkers!

    Teaching Special Kids

  34. 101


    I really can’t name any one activity as a favorite. Depending on the time of year or theme of the moment, all of my activities from you have been valuable at some point. Thanks!

  35. 103


    I really appreciated your review of “Speech Buddies” – it helped me take the plunge! However, your blog is a daily inspiration. Keep up the good work!!!!

  36. 107

    Anonymous says

    I love the thematic, seasonal units! You are wonderful! Please keep great, affordable materials coming! Stacey Glasgow

  37. 109


    Congrats! A geeky SLP laminating party sounds delightful! :) I appreciate all that you do. My students (and future students) have benefited so much from your activities and tips.

    Joanne S.

  38. 117

    Valerie says

    I always enjoy the product reviews…. with limited budgets it’s nice to know exactly what I’m getting.

  39. 119


    I loved the carry over post with tokens that you recently had! It’s a different approach than the usual and makes them motivated to not only get the tokens but to keep the ones they have by continuously using good speech and language! Love this blog!

  40. 120


    Congrats!! My favorite post was your speech graffiti wall. The kids loved doing the activity and it was fun for the teachers to see what the kids were working on when they would visit my room!

  41. 121


    What a milestone…kudos to you! My favorite post was actually a guest post on evidence-based vocabulary instruction. I now use the LINCS strategy and have seen wonderful gains…thanks!

  42. 123

    Anonymous says

    I love all your materials!! If I had to pick the ones I use the most, it would be your expressive language packets and candy land cards. Thanks for all you do.

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