Secret Agent Articulation: QR Code Activity {with freebie}

Have you been using QR codes in your speech room yet? I’ve been trying them out using some other SLPs materials and I love them! QR codes are little square barcodes that are read by apps on your smartphone or tablet. To use them in therapy, I download a free app on my phone. Apple users can try this one. There are droid versions too! QR codes are on everything from goldfish boxes to billboards!  In March, while visiting St. Louis, I fell and needed stitches. Even the Urgent Care had a giant QR Code!  To see some more examples of QR code speech therapy activities check out this list over at TpT. My friend Maureen is even using it as her contact info for parents. SO smart!  So my new download is targeting articulation using QR codes. Your students can play the Secret Agents! Listen to the 3 codes on each card. Then scan the QR Code and determine if they guessed correctly. Some clues are easy and some are a little harder!  This 38 page document features activities for the following sounds: S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, R, S blends initial, L blends initial. There are 18 cards for each sound (6 in each position: initial/medial/final). The blends include 18 cards in the initial position. That’s a total of 180 articulation cards with clues and QR codes. Listen to the 3 codes on each card. Then scan the QR Code and determine if they guessed correctly. Some clues are easy and some are a little harder! 12 Bonus cards are included. If you draw these cards scan the QR code to see if you earned an extra turn or lost a turn! A game board in included for game play. Move around the footprints to find the missing item. Instead of rolling dice to determine how many spaces to move, scan the QR code sheet. Once we got going trying to figure out the clues my client thought HE should make up some of his own clues for me to try to figure out! (Sure, twist my arm into a language rich activity!) So I made this page where the student can start with a word that matches his articulation practice set, and make up his own clues. You can grab this page for free by following the link to TpT.  I really hope you can use this download! The kids I’ve tried it with have LOVED it. It took me a whole month to get it ready so I’m feeling totally attached to it! Totally excited to share my latest ‘baby’ with you! You can find it over here at Teacher Pay Teachers. In my room we paired it with an old freebie I posted back in September 2011 using our magnifying glasses! Feel free to head over and grab that freebie here!  Have fun secret agents! 

Lovely comments

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    I absolutely love the “my secret words” idea! This is a perfect idea for the ages I deal with! Thanks for a great share.

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    This looks great, Jenna, but I’ve got a question…can you use this without an internet connection? One of my buildings has wifi and one doesn’t. I own an Ipad but don’t have an Iphone or a droid. I’m hoping that this is usable without a connection!

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      Yes, Carol. I believe SOME qr codes that give a voice file, would need an internet connection. But I tested my item on the ipad with my internet turned off and they worked fine.

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