Meeting Glassman

Glassman is one of the Unthinkables in the Michelle Garcia Winner, SuperFlex program. I wanted to share just a few activities we did when we talked about him!  Glass Man is one of the Unthinkables. He lets a person be flexible to some extent, but then, all of a sudden he just breaks. He doesn’t melt down slowly, he quickly starts getting very upset. Glass Man usually thinks things aren’t “fair.” We made some pipe cleaner Glassmen. Making these Glassmen was a great activity because they didn’t turn out perfectly. Imperfection is the cause for Glassman moments for a lot of my students. We got lots of practice!  We read the book Soda Pop Head by Julia Cook. I also own the teacher activity book that accompanies the book. We cut out these different thermometers and had students identify things that made us annoyed, mad, and ‘Glassman’. We are also using the Glassman takes on the Unthinkables Book which I reviewed a while ago.  We’re doing all we can do avoid letting Glassman invade our brains. We are using a lot of Superflex strategies to defeat him!  

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