After the Honeymoon Phase…Tx reviews.

I was packing up my three SLP offices this spring and boxing items in order of importance. Things I use all the time  were well-labeled and grouped together so I can unpack that first in the fall. I write quite a few product reviews each year on SRN so I thought I’d talk about some of them after the honeymoon phase. I use EVERYTHING I write about and I don’t write a good review if I don’t think it really is worth it. Did you know I have received items and then wrote the company/developer/creator back and told them the review would be mostly negative? In those cases I don’t post a review, because I’m not here to bash anyone. This is a happy place, with no room for negative reviews. But after a full year let me tell you which treatment materials I am still grabbing off the shelf all the time.


Here are the top 4 things that I reviewed and can’t stop using this year!


Should I or Shouldn’t I Game by


Vocab Chipper Chat


Difficult situations Fun Deck


Focus on Fluency

You can click on the links to get the details on each item. Just think of this as my double seal of approval on these most-loved additions to my offices.

Have you purchased anything new this year that you keep going back to? I’d love to see your list!

Lovely comments

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    Daphne says

    Thanks! I’ve bookmarked and emailed this to my work self! I appreciate your positivity but I’d actually like to see some negative reviews out there. There are times when I’m researching a product and I truly google “‘product’ review speech blog,” usually with few results. Just something to think about!

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