Get to Know You Packets for Speech Therapy.

I’m moving buildings again this year. If you are too you might be thinking you need some activities to help you get to know your students in speech therapy.


I always like to start the year talking about why they come to speech and doing our learning target ‘I can’ sheets. I also need to get to know the kids better! This year I’m thinking we’ll play a game and complete some new ‘Get to Know You’ worksheets that I created.


There are worksheets included to mix and match for your entire caseload from preschool up to high school! You can click on the preview on TpT to see more detailed info about each included page.

You can snag these worksheets in my TpT shop here. Don’t forget to see what’s in the cart of some of your favorite SLPs and teachers in yesterday’s post! 


Today’s post is part of my BTS Blitz where I’m sharing all things new in the SRN shop this week! !


Lovely comments

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    Randy Marquez says

    My son is 11. He was born with a chromosome deficiency an has had speech therapy since he was 4. He still struggles with pronunciation. I really love your “I can” worksheets because the one thing he does say on a regular basis is I can’t do it. I knows it’s frustrating but he does enjoy school. Anything I can do to help him I will. This looks like something that can definitely help. Thanks. ..

  2. 2


    I just purchased your Get To Know you Packets and can’t wait to use them when I start therapy with my kiddos next week!

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